Thursday, October 25, 2007

A "Beat Down" In Boston!

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I have to say that I actually was looking forward to the morning local news casts. I wanted to see how they are going to report the "beat down" that happened last night. Boy oh boy - It was ugly. We even set a record for the World Series. Leave it to the Rockies to follow in the step of setting "records" in the most critical game(s) of sports like our Broncos do.

This time the news started with about 6 minutes of actual news, but of various topics. Then, after six minutes it was 5 more minutes of Rockies news. 5 minutes compared to about 2 minutes on the fires in California. Apparently, the news do not care that CA is on fire. Only the opinions of the people in the morning and not to mention hearing "this is just the first game" Yeah, it was the first game and there was a beat down in Boston! A beat down!

I did not mention this before, but yes I knew that Space Shuttle Discovery lifted of Tuesday's Morning. I was once more happy that everything worked out for the best. That pictured on today's post is the Space Shuttle Discovery. What a sight folks. What a picture.

Game 2 and I hope there is another beat down in Boston. No, I am wearing my Colorado T-shirt, but I am just hoping that these news people stop reporting "stuff" that does not even pertain to the Rockies except probably through their sister's boyfriend's little brother's cousin from their mom's side of the family. =) You know what I mean. I have friends in CA and I want for Colorado news to show California fire news and not interviews with the fans, the children talking about what could of been done, what's your ritual, or whatever.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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