Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Motobecane, My First

Greetings Readers

I have just posted the first picture from the Digital Camera that I just recently acquired.

This is the creme de la creme of my collection. Forget the Carbon Fiber, the color schemes, the brands, etc. One word - Motobecane. This was the first racing bike that I acquired. Little did I know that this bike would be one of many bikes down the road. Not to mention that this Motobecane is what helped me with my "redemption" in life prior to acquiring the Motobecane. Sorry readers, I can not elaborate on that subject. Perhaps later, perhaps never.

This is the bike that started my "new life". I have had to replace some of the parts that got worn out through the 11 years that I have owned the bike. Granted, the Motobecane no longer gets the mileage that I used to put on that bike on a yearly basis. Probably, this bike has moved into second place in total mileage put on by me. I let no one ride this bike except me.

The Motobecane is now located at my parent's place, in New Mexico. I only ride the Motobecane when training on vacation or sometimes I will riding the Motobecane during the Santa Fe Century in New Mexico.

I am really not sure what else to say, to write about the Motobecane, my Motobecane. The seat, the front fork, the rear cassette, the cables, the rims have been replaced. The metal clips have not been replaced. I want to hold onto them since metal clips are no longer made. If you look closely I think that you can see the condition of the metal clips and the duct tape that is sort of holding the metal clips together. The Motobecane itself weights incredibly heavy and I am happy to say that I rode this bike in many of the Rocky Mountain passes.

The Colorado Rockies. You know readers I was wrong. Somehow the Rockies have managed to get into the World Series. Incredible. I did not give the Rockies the benefit of the doubt, but with their record the past years it was pretty well unchanging. I am not going to say lucky or unlucky, but overall I am happy that the Colorado Rockies have made the World Series. Yet - Two Sweeps and 21 game winning streak. Pretty amazing.

Yet, what gets me is that the reporter and others seem to somehow "forgot" that Todd Helton was not even suppose to be with the Colorado Rockies. He wanted to be traded to another team and then he had "to settle" and "work out" the outcome of him staying with the Rockies by really no choice. I can not remember is there where many trade deadlines for him, but I do remember something to that nature. Anyway, I see that the camera/TV/reporters/anchors/whatnots show Todd Helton and his happiness. Yet, no one mentions the very beginning of the season on his status with the Rockies and how he felt being with the Rockies. Go Fucking figure. No ill wills, but the true people know the truth behind Todd Helton.

And I almost forgot to mention... well hesitate to mention – with the Rockies winning this part of the division I lost two bets. So, another bottle of Crown Royal and a cup of Coffee (Latte) from the little shop that located in our office building. All in good fun though. Perhaps, I should start with… “ Hello, my name is Daryl and I have a gambling problem.” Get the fuck out of here with that shit!

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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