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The Tipping - Continued

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Where did I leave off...

Oh yes.

... the blogger posted that 20% tip is the "regulation tip" now. There is no regulation on tipping. Period.

As I listed on my blog post a couple of days ago I put in a graph showing the standard 15%,the 18% (that is my standard tip) and 20% tip calculations on the bill that caused the blogger to post this incident for everyone to read. Once more I think the author is trying to get sympathy. Get the fuck out of here.

The as the post goes on the author realizes the friend is part of the "bad tippers" The author was bent of shape for paying more than their share of the dinner and the tip, but what put the author "over the top" was the friend perpetuating the ever-oh-so bad tipping.

Excuse me. The friend "Perpetuating bad tipping?" I can not tell you readers if the author meant this was related to this one particular incident or just in overall with going out with the friend over a period of time. I do not know.

With that I can not say that the author needs not to go out with this person. Whether or not this person wants to leave a tip or not - it is their American Right. More importantly, the consumer's right to leave a tip or not.

Yes, in this age being a server, waiter, or a waitress is probably tough. I too,was once a waiter back in the early nineties.

I digress... back to the story... the author then brings up the point that the friend makes more money than the author. And the author also posts that the author could not get four dollars for a tip from the friend.

How much who makes is irrelevant to tipping. I know that I tip on service and the whoever the server is. I have a set "regulation" I personally go by. How the server starts service. And from that point on - It's On. I am careful not to judge the food promptness/lateness nor the food's quality in the restaurant.

Yet, I am critical. In most restaurants, spoons are not included nor on the table when you first sit down. So, when I order an Iced Tea I politely ask for a spoon when I get my Iced Tea. The spoon does not have to be an Iced Tea spoon, but I better get a spoon. Period. I am not going to stick my finger in my drink in order to stir my sugar. And it will be cold day in hell before I use my fork as a spoon. But. I will use my knife as a spoon - as a last resort. Also, that is "the signal", my signal, that the waiter/waitress has fucked up. You make think this is some small, but I like my Iced tea Sweeten. And when I add sugar to my Iced Tea I want to have a spoon to stir up that sweetness I am about to taste. It is not proper table manners to use a knife as a stirring spoon.

If the waiter/waitress noticed that I am using my knife or I state "I am still waiting for my spoon" and the waiter/waitress politely laughs or says sorry - I will not laugh or smile back. I will let them see how they just fucked up with me.

Sure there are times I will drink Iced Tea without sugar, but not many. Asking for a spoon when there is not a spoon on the table is something very simple. I know that the wait station can not be more than 10 yards away from the dining table which means there should be no problem in bringing me a spoon for my Iced Tea. If the waiter/waitress has a bus boy then he/she can ask to bring me one. Or the waiter/waitress can ask another waiter/waitress to bring me a spoon. Just do not forget my fucking Iced Tea Spoon.

Yes readers - this is a hot topic for me every time that I go to a restaurant and order an Iced Tea. My experience is really based on whether or not that the waiter/waitress can remember to bring the spoon.

Oops, I digressed again.

The blogger post that in the future the the author will be wary of splitting checks with the friend. Again, get the fuck out of here. The author stated that the server fucked up the the bill and the friend meal got put on the author and partner's bill. The author also states that the friend left a dollar tip on the meal the friend had. According to the author the friend's meal was about twenty dollars (but the author thinks that she rounded down)

Rounded down? Rounded down from what $ 21.00? 24.00? 27.00?

I know that a dollar tip on $ 20.00 is 10% percent. My personal opinion is - that is also wrong, but who am I to say to you or anyone else on how you tip the waitress/waiter. I am not your father, your husband, your lover, your boss. I have no right to tell you readers on how to tip.

I have been in that situation many times, and I have learned from the first time that has happened. I make up the difference without telling you on how to tip, nor do I give you any bad looks on your portion of the bill. I paid/provide the rest of the money and move on.

I agree with the author there are "bad tippers" out there, but it is life and there is no way that is going to change. Back when I was waiting tables I was making 2.10 an hour. I had a goal every time I waited and that was 18%. Hence, that is why I tip 18% myself. I made that goal almost every time, if I remember correctly.

I could perhaps pass on some information that I used when at a restaurant, since most of us readers do not carry calculators. I use the $ 2.00 for every $ 10.00 dollars of the bill method. I know that is 20%, but that is a start point and much easier to add/subtract/multiple in your head at the dining table. Of course that would $ 1.00 for every $ 5.00 of the meal.

These views and opinions were based upon what I read in the author's blog post and there are other things I have questions about. There are other factors that would change certain things I have stated myself, but of course I will not know unless I ask the author. Not going to happen. The author's blog post was about the tipping, but was the service good? Sorry readers, the blogger did not mention one iota about the service/waitressing at all. Leaving a bit more than 18% is justifiable given that they all waiting for 15 minutes or so for the waitress to come and get the bill. And the waitress still did not show. I think the difference from 20% to what was left $ 88.00, is perfect.

I still can not get over that 15 minutes. 15 Minutes of waiting - get the fuck out of here!

And Today's Blog picture was taken with my Digital Camera a couple of weeks ago. My pride and joy, currently.

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