Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Flat Tires in the Dark Last Night

Greetings Readers

Okay, pictured today are pictures combined from the new SouthPark that premiered a few weeks ago. This is what sort of pushed me over the edge when I saw the new episode for the fall season. Tourette's. The short back story is that Kyle went to a center to see that there are different variations of Tourette's Syndrome out there.

At the center Kyle was being introduced to the many different people at the center and when Kyle was introduced to this girl it was over for me. She was talking away and then as she was finishing up her conversation she tilts her head to her left and then snaps both fingers up in the air. Fucked up! How in the world do Matt and Trey come up with this shit. Too Funny for me to witness this. Or perhaps this was based on a "true" person(s). I do not know.

Yes readers, I know Tourette's is nothing to laugh about, but within the SouthPark Realm it is okay to laugh.

I have nicknamed the scene the "tilt and snap".

Last night's episode was the first of a two parter. It was a bit more than OK. Yet, the
"Imagination song" was too much for me. I could not stop laughing and smiling to myself last night. Enough said, but if you saw or will then you either agree with me or think that part was not as funny as I think it was.

Fall - Oops the Fall Season. Is not the best time for me to be riding, in my opinion. Why? There are several reasons, but the one that arises to my mind is what happened to me last night while riding home just when the sky was almost dark.

In Colorado, the leaves have been changing and some leaves are still on the trees, while others leaves have turned yellow and red. At that stage they are either on the tree or have been blown off the trees by the winds.

The night was dark and I was riding carefully going home. Making my way by the lights and signs of the stores, the sodium arc streets lights and the headlights of the cars going my way or the opposite way.

In the Dark, the leaves on the road and sidewalks cast shadows here and there. Which makes the shadows look like rocks or "pits" in the pavement. Unfortunately, I have to ride slow because I do not know if the shadows are actually rocks or pits in the pavement. Not to mention that all the leaves could be hiding other sorts of trash, bumps, or tree limbs. I just do not know. Or if there is a pretty big hole leaves could technically fill up the hole and I would never know until I rode into the hole and then you hear me yell "Fuck me" and wonder if I just fucked up another rim.

I was doing very good riding home in the dark last night. Most of the way home I know the terrain and area of where I am riding. I can tell you where most likely where the holes, pits, rocks, dirt are on my route. Yet, due to the darkness I had to take an alternate route. I was doing good, I thought. I was riding fairly slow since there was not an ambient light source and I was using the passing vehicles headlights to guide my way on the sidewalk.

I was about 20 yards from the corner of the street where there was a circle of light waiting for me. I must not of paid attention, or the passing vehicle's lights hid the rock, or something, but all of a sudden my front tire and then milliseconds later my back tire hit the same rock. Fuck me. I said calmly. I reached the street corner and turned the corner to go North and that was when I felt the back tire was flat and I heard the air hissing out of my front tire over Madonna singing "Hung Up" in my ears. Fuck. Of all times.

You know I was mad, but I also half expected this since I was taking a route which I have not been on for some time now. I was tempting fate and sure enough I was being made to notice the results. The night was fairly warm, little wind, but still dark where I was at and a mile and quarter from home. I decided about 5 seconds later to just keep going, meaning walk my bike home. I was not in the mood to change two flat tires in partial dark. On tire was a immediate flat and no telling how big the "hole" is. The other tire was a slow hissing flat so the "hole" was probably small. Yet, all in all I did not want to sit, patch, pump, and hope to biking gods that I did a good flat repair on both tires. I guess I should have of went the longer (about 1 mile further) familiar dark biking route I know by the back of my hand. Though, I just wanted to get home quicker. I knew better. I just knew it.

I could see myself getting "worked up" over fixing the flats when perhaps I could be halfway home by the time I got both tires fixed. Sorry readers, I was not going to use my new spare tubes that I have in the bike pouch on my bike. I was taking an unfamiliar route home last night and the risk of hitting another rock was too great of a chance to take. This is a bet that I would not take.

Basically, I ran and walked home with Tracey at my side. Not bad and I was even okay with running/walking home. At least I got home in time for the Soprano's to start on A&E.

When I got up this morning I fixed both flats and I was done in about 20 minutes while watching TV. No problem, but whether or not that could have happened last night will still be forever a mystery.

That's about all for today

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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