Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mid month of Octobre

Greetings Readers

I have something to say, but I am out of time so I think I should be able to post later today...

... And I have returned. Here you go

There is a blog that I have been visiting off and on for the past month, I think. Some blogs catch my eye for the reasons that they would not catch your eye. So, I was about to give up on this blog when I see the author blogged about a birthday present and the "adventures" of the birthday present from point of origin until the present got picked up at the post office.

Ever since that blog post I have been paying attention to what this author was going to blog about. Now, a recent post has made me decide to blog about that author's post on my blog.

The Topic - Tipping. The author and partner when out with another couple to a restaurant. Long story short - When the bill came the bill was not split correctly. The author & partner and another person in their group got their dinner put all on the same bill.

The total bill came to 74.50

Readers I have done the math so nothing needs to be done by your TI calculator, the computer's calculator, the slide rule or the abacus.

I can even do the math even further for you the difference between the 15% and 18% tip is (2.23) and the difference between 15% and 20% tip is (3.73).

On the blog, the author states that the tip percentage would be about $ 15.00. Granted, I highly doubt that the author knew this at the restaurant. What? Why would I doubt this? The author is in the early 20's, and not the mathematical genius type. Believe me readers.

Now, when the author, partner and other person put the money together the total amount of cold hard cash they had among them was $ 88.00.

I have my graph, which I put in my blog, and you can see that the amount pooled together is above 18% tip marker and $ 1.40 below the 20 % tip amount.

But, oh no - the author blogged about the tip being not enough for the server. The author put all the money away and pulled out the debit card to pay for the dinner.

15 minutes later. Yes readers, 15 minutes later and those three are still waiting for the server to pick up the debit card to pay for dinner. 15 minutes! I could not believe this when I was reading this on the author's post. Damn. I get bent out of shape if the server is more than 5 minutes later with picking up the bill. There have been times that it has been longer than 5 minutes and at that point I get up and go find someone to find my server. I look for someone who looks like a manager, the hostess, or another server. Damn. 15 minutes! How fucked up is that for waiting that long and who in the fuck would wait that long in the first place?!

Oh yes readers, the author could not "see her" (her = the waitress) anywhere to wave her over to their table. Get the fuck out of here! The author nor the other three people in their party could not get out of their chairs. "So they sat. "Holy-Fucking-Shit! Yes readers, I quote the author's blog" So they sat" and the dinner party waited and talked. I am not sure if this sort of thing goes on with where the author lives, or the dinner party is ignorant, so to speak. I just do not know, except about the blogger and by the author's blog posts that I would expect this sort of thing from the author.

After waiting more than 15 minutes the author takes back the debit card gathers the cash back up and then leaves the cash on the table. The author felt she stiffed the server. Get the hell out of here. In closing of the author's blog, the author then mentions that one of the dinner guest was nagging for the past 15 minutes to leave the cash so they all could go...

To be Continued...

ntil the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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