Monday, October 22, 2007

My Garage Sale Mountain Bike

Greetings Readers

As you can see clearly I have posted another picture of myself. Who knew that I would do this. I guess I did not mention to you readers at all that I actually own one mountain bike among my other 10 other road bikes. This Mountain Bike purchase was made last year during an annual Garage sale run that me and my mother did. Same old sad story - husband bought the bike, Husband never rides the bike anymore, Wife got tired of seeing the bike in the garage, Husband is conveniently out of town, Wife has garage sales, wife see opportunity to sell bike. End of Story.

The Mountain bike is nothing fancy, but for $ 25.00 I think that the mountain bike was a bargain. I did use the mountain bike last winter and when the snow did stop the mountain bike has been hanging in my balcony until yesterday morning. The chain is a rusty from last winter and the tires were flat when I took the bike down for my first snow adventure of the season. I only had to pump up the tires and after that I was ready to go enjoy the heavy, blowing snow.

I have to say that a year later the Mountain bike did do its job last winter and I have to say that the fat 3 inch tires as opposed to my 23 mm tires is a huge difference. I am now not so careful in the snow and on the ice. I do ride a bit faster since I do have the fatter tires. More importantly, I do not have to "mess up" my two other road bikes that are designated winter/rain bikes. The disadvantage is that this mountain bike weights a ton. Well perhaps not a ton, but a fuck lot more than my road bikes do.

The cold weather had arrived on Sunday and as you can tell I am now wearing the attire I will most likely wear until next April. Yes, there will be periods of warm days here and there, but with the early cold, cold mornings, I probably will be wearing the long pants to work from now on. If there is a lot of snow, but if the air is in the forties then I would take the chance for bike shorts. Also, in this picture is the Jack Daniels Bandanna I wear every now and then.

Don't get me wrong readers, if the roads/sidewalks are clear oh yes I will take one of the two road bikes designated as winter bikes out to the streets. Yes, three ago I had brand new Michelin tires, the 49.99 Pro Race 2 tires and I totaled both tires on actually having them both be sliced by a piece of ice. Fuck me. Of course back then there was an exclamation point after having that little incident.

Nothing much else to write about - I am approaching the 200th post for 2007 only. So perhaps I will think of something special. Then again perhaps not.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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