Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rockies vs. Soxs

Greetings Readers

Well, I was doing the thing I wanted to do for the 200th post last night, but I did not get done. It is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.

Rockies this. Rockies that. Rockies whatever. Rockies. How many fucking times do I have to hear this?! Granted, I am behind the Rockies, but when the national, international news gets pushed back to 10 or 15 minutes later in the broadcast... well that's a problem. We have California on fire and hardly a blurb on TV. A quick minute or so and then back to the Rockies this. Rockies that. Give me a fucking break.

I had to stop watching local news and the newspaper. Rockies this. Rockies that,

By the way, did you know that there are purple colored dumpsters just for showing support for the Rockies. So Fucking what. Did you know that the dumpsteres are downtown? those supposed Rockies Dumpsters. So fucking what. Hey did you know that those Rockies dumpsters will make a personal appearance at the victory parade should there be one? Again, who fucking cares? Oh, did you know that the dumpster look like any other dumpsters, except they are purple? Again, So what the fuck. And, I hate to say this readers, on Monday I actually watched this transpire on FOX news in the morning. The dumpsters are freshly painted purple, but dented and there is no Colorado Rockies Logo. So, If I painted a Dumpster orange does that mean I support Oranges? Get the fuck out of here. Again, the Purple Dumpster news was "bigger" news than the Fires in California when I saw the news days ago. Fucked Up.

Urgh. Yes, I am tired of hearing this and that. Everyone and their grandmother knows everything about the Colorado Rockies and they even have to say to me "do you want to hear these questions that someone asked a few of the Colorado Rockies Baseball Players- If the Rockies win and there is a movie who would you play your part in the movie?" Again, who in the fuck cares. How does this help me like the Colorado Rockies More? How is this relevent?

Yep, I have thrown the "Fuck" word around quite a few times in this post, but that is about how much I feel about hearing Rockies this. Rockies that. Say is it nice weather that must mean good luck for the Rockies. Again, I do not see the correlation to weather and good luck for the Rockies. Perhaps the news people need to look in their studio and take a look at the weather and see where the cold/hot fronts and jet streams are and they will see the cause of the good weather in Colorado. Yet, I can hear the rebuttal - Well, God is making the weather good for the Rockies and this is not just a natural event. Get the Fuck out of here with that fucked up logic!

Well, I better get going before I start going off more and more. Rockies this and Rockies that.

By the way readers, there is already the "special" plaque with some dirt from Coors Field in the coin attached to the plaque I saw in the paper the other day. Get the Fuck out of here.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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