Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl 5k - 2009

Greetings Readers

Another year later (almost) and I have made this event my first official run of the year. The time is slower from than last year and I know about about 20 seconds or so were due to me arriving minutes before the start of the 5k in Washington Park in Denver, Colorado.

I tried to hurry and pay as fast as possible, pin the number Bib # 339, and then get myself situated at the back of the start line.

Flashback - as you may (or may not) see that the temperature this year is alot warmer than it was last year. And you can see last year's blog. I would have to say that I was expecting cold weather, but when I actually started to get going the weather was alright.

Present - Washington Park was full of Runners for the Super Bowl 5k. Definitely more than I expected.

Not much to say about it - I started back from the back because of arriving late and also since normally I do start in the back. Although, this time I started at the back-back. I did not want to listen to the Ipod so I took that off and wrapped the earphones around the Ipod and held onto it.

I kept my own pace until about a mile and a half when I caught up to runners who were in their groove and I was slowly making myself pass them. No one passed me until the last 1/2 mile, otherwise I did okay. At the last .3 mile or so that was when I put on the full sprint and made sure to solidify my place and not let anyone pass me, but let me pass any runner in that last .3 mile to the finish line.

And that was that. I know I did alright, but I did not think I was going to post over 8 minute mile. Granted, I was checking my watch and making sure that I was roughly under the eight minutes per mile and I knew that I was, but somehow I lost some minutes. Though, timing was started from the moment the race announcer said go and not from the moment I actually started the race so I did have some precious seconds counted against me.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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