Monday, February 16, 2009

Breaking Bad - Crazy Handful of Nothin'

Greetings Readers

I was visiting a girl friend this past Valentine’s weekend and was introduced to the show Breaking Bad, which premiered last year on AMC.

I have not seen Breaking Bad nor even thought twice about the show since hearing about it. I have heard the reviews in the beginning, but did not care at the time – whether the reviews were good or bad.

The number one reason why I did not watch Breaking Bad is that I knew that the actor (the father) starred in the comedy show “Malcolm in the Middle” before it was cancelled. That was reason enough. I only knew the actor Brian Cranston, as the father, from “Malcolm in the Middle” and thought nothing more.

Yes, I have seen parts of “Malcolm in the Middle” while channel flipping, but I have to say that it is not a show that I wanted to see. With that reasoning I felt that this new show – Breaking Bad – was not going to be up my alley since I did not watch “Malcolm in the Middle.”

The number two reason, which is probably the only other reason why I did not watch the show before was that I did not know what Breaking Bad was/is about. Or perhaps I did at the time last year, but probably did not spark an interest to me.

Oh Readers, I have to “man up” and admit I was totally wrong again. And this time it only took a year to admit I was so wrong on another show I thought was no good.

So, I saw the entire first season of Breaking Bad this past weekend. If I have only one word to sum up the series Breaking Bad it would be – “Wow!”

I was literally pulled in and power watched the entire season this past weekend. Granted, it was not a full season because of the writer’s strike, I think, but it was very good.

I would like to tell you Readers all about the show, but then again I want to keep some of the show’s scenes and story a mystery. A mystery for you to perhaps discover on your own, should you want to take chance to see Breaking Bad for yourself.

I will sum up the premise hopefully in one sentence. Long story short Brian Cranston, his character is Walt and he is a High school science teacher who finds out he only has 18 months to live, which he eventually meets up with Jesse, a former student he flunked in High school, to make and sell Meth.

That is it. But there is so much to the story - Walt’s wife, Skylar, is seven months pregnant. Walt Jr., Walt’s son, has cerebral Palsy. Walt’s Brother in law, Hank, is a DEA agent. Walt’s Sister in Law, Marie, is basically a shoplifter. And there are more interesting things which make Breaking Bad pretty dam good.

Breaking Bad is a drama show, but it does make you think and also watch closely since each episode references either to a future show or to a past episode. Breaking Bad has it funny moments. As well as the “I just can not fucking believe that happened!” moments. And yes there are the touching moments that you would not believe that came from that certain character you may have stereotyped while watching the show. Readers – are we not guilty of that? I know that I am and not to proud to admit that. After all, I am human and to be human is to err.

And now, I only have to wait less than three weeks for season 2 to begin on AMC. And yes Readers, I am so excited and can hardly wait until March 8, 2009.

The blog post picture is of Walt and this was right after he was in that building and said the line

“You got one part wrong. This is not Meth.”

Again Readers, I was in awe what happened moments before he walked out that building. I bet every Walt “supporter” cheered in that scene – “Bad Ass.”

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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