Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lottery Tickets

Greetings Readers

Unless you live on the Frozen Tundra or on one of the islands in Indonesia then you know that the Pittsburgh Steelers have won the Super Bowl.

Which meant I won a few bets. Though some bets were offset due to me losing bets on the Australian Open finals.

Flashback - I made a statement on Friday to my co-workers that if the Pittsburgh Steelers win then I am bringing in Lottery Tickets for our department. That's it.

Present. The Steelers won and now I have bought my department some Colorado Lottery tickets. Granted, it is only one ticket per person, but in reality it is one more than you did if (or if the Arizona Cardinals won) to do something more than just root, yell, and scream. I did not clink beer bottles with anyone, I did not high five anyone nor did I give anyone a hug for the Steelers win. I do not condone those actions, which are OK yet they are something anyone would do for the sakes of just doing.

Of course, I made no Super Bowl bets with anyone in my department, but that does not mean that I can keep my kindness to myself. I went to the local gas station on my way to work and bought some Colorado Lottery scratch tickets - Wild Bill$ scratch tickets. Get three of a kind and win that dollar amount.

I ask any of you Readers would you have done that? Matter of fact, would the rudest person you have ever known done that? And more importantly I needed no "Thank you's" or even say "I get half of what you win." Whereas, I bet some young person who calls people out would think of him/herself and not of others and demand that any winning be split with him/her. Selfish and rude, but as long as you are not part of my life so be it. The world is bigger than you think it is and more open minded as well as humble and experienced with life.

P.S. The guy in the mail room we made a bet and he gave me ten dollars to buy my six pack of Corona, which was the bet between us. I went to the local liquor store near my house and this morning I gave him the change back from the 10 spot he gave me. On top of that I gave him a Colorado Lottery ticket just because. I won, but that does not mean that I should leave him losing. Would the rudest person you have ever known done that? Matter of fact, I am betting that most of my Readers would just say "good game" and drink the winnings without giving something back in return for a good sport to the person you made the bet with.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete.

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