Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Former Pinball Champion Player

Greetings Readers

I thought to share something from my past.

I do not think I have ever mentioned that I love playing pinball. Meaning, the Pinball Machines that are usually located in Arcades, Bowling alleys, some older bars and the out of the way laundry mats
I was very,very and I mean a very good pinball player back in the day. Yet, these days I know that I am not the same pinball player I used to be. And I will to say that 90 percent of that is due to no more Pinball Machines are easily found in the Denver metro area. The shopping mall do not have arcades anymore and there are no longer arcade halls in the Denver metro area.

As I stated above - the only time I can locate Pinball Machines at some bowling alleys that I know of. Otherwise, the art of playing Pinball is soon going to be a lost art by me, as well as others.

I guess we can thank the game consoles and the video games machines that have advanced from the mere Pac-man and Berzerk Arcade Machines to the state of art graphics and playing details.

Getting to the picture I was the 5th best in the Mid-west or 10th best overall in the Midwest back in the year 1992.

I sort of remember that weekend. I qualified for the championship and then I had to come back the next day or later that day and that was when I brought my Dad. I think he was very proud of his son, me, to have qualified for a major Pinball event in the Midwest. If I remember correctly qualifications and the championship rounds were played on three different Pinball machines - The Addams Family Pinball Machine, Getaway Pinball Machine and Lethal Weapon Pinball Machine.

In the end - I got the nice plaque and a check for $ 50.00 which I did take a picture of back in the day. I so desired to be number one, but settled for 5th in my class and 10th overall and Damn proud to say - I am a fucking good pinball player

There you have it Readers another "I'm all that and a Bag of Potato Chips" skill. I can brag that not only can I rock in bed I can rock the machine. Hah hah

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete


Sam H. said...

have you seen the move 'the king of kong'? you remind me of one of the main characters. i forget his name, but if you watch it, he is the one with the mullet.

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

Hey Sam! Thought the new wife might have the ball and chain locked on you since I have not heard from you in a while!

No, I did hear of that movie way back before it was released, but I forgot all about it.

So, with that being said, I am off to Hollywood Video in the following week to see if I can locate this independent film.


Daryl Charley