Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blade Runner Trilogy 25th Anniversary

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I dropped off the registration for the Ride the Rockies at about 4:00 P.M. (MST) with some hesitation. Again, it came down to my registration fee being tied up for a month, which I am guessing (assuming). Yet, I somehow made myself drop my registration in the lock box at the front desk and that was that.

Whew - what's done can not be un-done. And really, I do not have any second thoughts about not dropping the registration off. Go figure though - this is the FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER registered for the Ride the Rockies. That in itself is amazing. I am pretty sure that I have blogged about my reasons why. Although, if I have not I will do so.

After dropping off my registration fee I decided to head on over to Virgin Megastore on the 16th Street Mall. I do not like shopping there - because of the price and the sales tax Denver has, but I have to admit when there are sales there are bargains to be found. On the opposite end of that if I am looking for a hard to find CD that I do not want to order from Amazon I do go Downtown either to Virgin Megastore or Twist n' Shout to see if I can find my CD I so desire. I only go Downtown when I can not find that CD at Best Buy, Walmart, Circuit City, Target, Used CD stores, or Kmart.

I had no CD's in mind to look for since at that point I was not looking for any one CD to purchase. I went into Virgin Megastore and decided to head to the Soundtrack section. I started with the "A's" and when I got to "B" I saw the Holy Grail of my Soundtrack quest.

That Holy Grail was the Blade Runner 25th Anniversary Edition that was apparently released when Blade Runner - The final cut was released in Dec 2007 - which is when I blogged about Blade Runner - The Final Cut on Blog post 11/28/07 - Another quick post. At that time I did not know that there was a re-issue or an issue of the Blade Runner soundtrack that was actually a 3 CD release. An absolute must for myself - a die hard Blade Runner Fanatic.

Since finding out about the Blade Runner Trilogy 25th Anniversary Soundtrack last year I have been trying to find the CD at a local store in the Denver area. I had the option of, but I did not want to order via mail. I wanted to find the CD locally and money was not an issue. Oh yes, I did check with each of those stores and I either got that the soundtrack was unavailable for ordering or out of issue therefore can not be order. And there were a few other excuses. I did offer to pay up front, but the store could not do that either.

In closing, I paid the thirty four dollars and change (tax included) and now I own my copy of the Blade Runner Trilogy and have loaded onto my Ipod as of today. Yes, I do love it the soundtrack and worth the amount I paid for at Virgin Megastore.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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