Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Last Rocky Mountain News

Greetings Readers

Yesterday was a happy and a sad day for me in Denver, Colorado.

On Friday, February 27, 2009 – that was the final day for the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News.

I was sadden to hear of this news yesterday morning. After all this is, was, the newspaper I liked the better of the two newspapers in the Denver Metro Area. The ease of opening the Rocky Mountain News as opposed to the Denver Post where the paper opens up 4 times its size in order to read the Denver Post.

Although, the best thing about the Denver Post is the Sunday Edition. The Denver Post had all the ads and had more stuff in the Sunday edition. Yet, back in the days of when both papers were printing on Sunday I had to buy both Sunday papers. The Denver Post for all the Sunday ads and The Rocky Mountain News because I had to get my Bloom County Comic.

It was sad news to hear and see what has transpired in the past day, but this was not unexpected news. After all it was news awhile back about the Rocky Mountain News needed to be bought in order to be saved. Of course, we did not know the end of the Rocky Mountain News was going to be yesterday.

I personally gave a silent thank you and got choked up yesterday morning when I was taking a picture of the final edition of the Rocky Mountain News. After all, of all the past major events in history, I have collected the Rocky Mountain News paper on those “eventful” days in history.
I did buy the Rocky Mountain News for Mr. Litton’s cartoons, some comic strips I loved, the entertainment section and more importantly the ease of reading the paper. And back in the day I bought the Rocky Mountain News especially for Norm Clarke.

Now with the passing of Bloom County, Norm Clarke, Opus and now the Paper – tis the time to truly say farewell once again and in all likelihood - for good.

Changing from Sad news to Happy news in my world.

I have been chosen to participate in “the Ride the Rockies” for this year 2009. I did not celebrate until I got an email sent to my personal email address as opposed to seeing my name on the website confirming selection.

It has been 24 hours later and I am really excited now. Yet, you faithful Readers know the real reason why as opposed to just saying I got into the Ride the Rockies. Shallow? Oh yes, but I can and am.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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