Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All Good Things Come to an End

Greetings Readers

This past Sunday was the start of Season 6 Part 2 of the Soprano's on A&E.

I know that you faithful Readers know that I have bought the Complete Soprano's Boxed Edition late last year, but it has been routine for me to watch the Soprano's on A&E when I feel like watching. Granted, it has been audited for content, but sometimes I just want to have background noise or there is really nothing on TV Sunday Morning to watch.

So started the final eight episodes and yes Readers this is where it really, really got interesting. And I have to admit this was the time I actually knew how to pronounce Bobbi's last name.

I do have to admit this was the episode (Soprano Home Movies) that Tony got his AR-10 Automatic Machine Gun , which in one of these final episodes you get to see him and his AR-10 together in a dark bedroom with Tony clutching his AR-10. A powerful image of Tony and what is about to become... Sorry Readers, I can not give away the scene or why Tony is holding onto the AR-10 in bed for the Readers who have not seen the Soprano's.

As I saw once

"The Beginning of the End"

And we faithful Soprano's watchers still miss Tony, Carm, Sil and of course Paulie, to name a few to this day. Will we ever know what happened when Tony looked up in that last second of the Soprano's? I hope so. I sure do hope so Readers.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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