Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Co-Worker from my Past

Greetings Readers

And another co-worker from my past as come into my life from the life of my Tele-Communications Inc. days.

This time the contact was initiated by my former co-worker via email. I guess I need to give you Readers a bit of a back story (and it does not matter to me to whether or not you Readers need to know).

Although certain Readers would say I am once again doing the stalking. Not. Then again, you Readers are entitled to your comments.

Flashback - About two years ago I was curious about I joined up since it is free. Free meaning that you can look, search and set up a profile. Otherwise, in order to email or to receive emails to others on, to see who is looking at your profile and other things you need to pay to get access to do those things on

Depending on how many months, what you want and etc, the cost could be as low as 26.00 a month or as high as 120.00 for six months. Granted, does run specials from time to time and that is where it brings me to the point of the story.

There was/is a special for 25% the price of any type of membership you choose.

With that I decided to do the 6-month plan -roughly $ 75.00. Depending on your point of view that is a good deal or a waste of money.

Present - Well, about a few weeks ago I received an email asking if I was the same Daryl that she knew back in the day. Sure enough when I looked at her picture 13 years later I could see the face that I knew back in the nineties. I read the profile and was kind of amazed on what I read. No need to tell you Readers. Could be a mute thing to notice, but to me it was like "wow." without the exclamation point. Perhaps she read something in my profile that made her go "wow." without or with the exclamation point

I wrote back after getting her email and confirming that this was the same person that she worked with. I sent a short email asking a couple questions and gave her my personal email address.

Sorry Readers - I did not give her the blog email address, but I will. Unless, she decides to search the Internet then I am sure that she would eventually find this blog. There is no first impression, but I wanted to get the feel on what she, or even I, want to know about each other. We were good friends and did talk to each other about life beyond just work at the office on the 9th floor. Although, I do not think we were close good friends since she knew the same person I dealt with and to be blunt despised. Oh yes, I was 13 years younger and thought like someone who would call me the rudest person he/she has ever known. Young, dumb and full of c--"

I digress Readers. We both told each other that we would not date each other since that is not the real reason for contact. She wrote her reasons why and for me I wrote the reason why since she does not fit my type, which was one of the questions I asked her on how she found me.

Anyway, I did write back and now I am trying to find some time to write up a brief re-cap from 1996 to the present. I obviously do not want to tell too much or too little. From there I will gauge on how much we want to catch up or if this is like a "good to see you" thing.

P.S. Do you Readers my updates about the Ignorant Senor(ita)? I am still following that blogger and I have to admit it has been kind of dull - until the past two weeks. Anyway, I just reading the other day that the person that he/she was interested is gay/a lesbian. I am sorry Readers - it is not funny, but it's funny since the prior blog entries made by the ignorant senor(ita) showed how he/she just ate up the nice things about what the person did for him/her at home, at work, going out together, etc. Not to mention, the supposedly clues that were there but never he/she noticed before. But the reason why I find it funny is that he/she had mentioned that he/she this person's garbage and saw some empty fast food trash and thought to him/herself (and this is not a direct quote) "Oh that's so cool he/she eats at the same place I like to eat. We have that in common. That's just so cool."

I guess one could say that about me and the Qdoba girl, but I do not think I have ever thought that sort of thinking about the Qdoba girl. I do not even think that I ever wrote that "it's just so cool that the girl I like works at my favorite place fast food place I like to eat at." I did lust after the Qdoba girl, but I am not sure if I was looking for something "to relate to" with the Qdoba girl. My beginnings, and perhaps ending is that I just wanted to get to know her and see from there. Then again - I do not know. And may never know.

P.S. Readers - I needed a picture for the blog post so I decided to show you Readers the person who I named my new Mountain Bike after - Lily.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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