Friday, February 20, 2009

Ride the Rockies - Deadline 5 PM (MST)

Greetings Readers

Today is the deadline for entry into the Ride the Rockies 2009 - 5:00 P.M. Mountain Standard Time.

I have been deliberating for the past 19 days or so whether or not to submit in an entry fee for the lottery of Ride the Rockies.

I am not worried about the cost of the Ride the Rockies, but I am worried about the turn around time for my money should I not get chosen to participate in the event.

For you Readers who do not have a clue the Ride the Rockies is a pretty highly requested cycling event that occurs in Colorado each year. This year marks the 24th year, I think, and since the beginning the event has sold out. Basically, the bike tour last one week in the Colorado Rockies in the month of June and takes place in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I do not think it is the same route ever, but basically not the same route as the year before.

In order to make the Ride the Rockies event fair to everyone. Well, almost fair - we "so common riders" do not know how many entries are set aside for the "special people" like Larry Green, Colorado news people, VP's or famous faces in Colorado. But according to the Ride the Rockies there are 2000 spots open to everyone and everyone has to go through the lottery process. As I just mentioned though I bet there are some well known people that do not have to go through the lottery and have an automatic entry into the Ride the Rockies tour.

Again, that is pure speculation, but that is what I believe in for the past 24 years. And nothing to this day has lead to believe me that this is not happening. After all - See how many times Larry Green has ridden and probably has never gotten rejected. At all.

So, if I do not get chosen for the Ride the Rockies no skin off my back. But what will irk me is the return of my registration fee. I am going to have to supposedly wait anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks even more to get my registration fee returned to me. I think that is unfair. After all I set aside 1/3 of a grand (335.00 or 355.00 for a pre-T-shirt showing "In Training for Ride the Rockies") and I expect to see my registration fee return within 2 weeks at the most. If Ride the Rockies can do the lottery in one week (which I am sure is a lot less than that) then, they should be able to return the registration fees within two weeks.

And that is what I have been thinking about. If I register and do not get picked I have to wait until I get my cashier's check back in order to get my money back to me.

However, if I get picked then I guess I will be happy. I really do not care one way or the other, but I would like to get picked, which at that point I will be able to show off those fucking "sweet" HED rims I got late last summer. Oh yeah. Shallow, but at least I can. Right? I could care less about the course, although Independence Pass I will be able to list on my resume a new Mountain Pass I have not climbed on a road bike.

And I was looking at the registration form - "no AEROBARS are allowed." Yep Readers, that is printed just like that in fine print - the word AEROBARS in Capital letters and I think it was in bold print. For me no big deal, except I will have to un-install the Aerobars since all my bikes have Aerobars on them.

What's that Readers? What Bike am I going to use? The bike... the bike I have in mind is Andrea just as she is set up. Although, if picked I think I might have to add/replace some items to make her look more "bling bling." Well, we'll see - that's just kooky talk since the lottery has not happened, yet.

So with that being said I have decided to take a half day off work and I have to go Downtown to the Denver Post Building to drop off my registration since I have until 5:00 PM to get my application in. Too late to mail, but then that was never an issue, it was just me commiting to 1/3 of grand being set aside. After all, I did buy two Mountain bikes this past month as well as spent some money when my parents were town. My Cash Flow for the past month as been lop sided and in the red as opposed to being in the black

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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