Monday, February 23, 2009

Post Weekend Wrap-Up

Greetings Readers

Wow Readers, I was soo close to getting full fledged sick, meaning getting that flu that is now making its rounds in the Denver area. I started to get that funny feeling of getting sick last Wednesday. Yet, by Saturday morning I woke up with no scratchy / sore throat.

Of course, I soo wanted to go out and do the Snowman Stampede on Saturday, but by the choices I outlined last week I either was going to rest or to compete. I chose the first choice and stayed home and on the couch. I hated to do that, but resting my body was my only choice to avoid becoming perhaps becoming sicker with the flu symptoms I was showing.

What even hurt more was that I was not going to compete in the Run the Register on Sunday… oops Run the Republic once again. Apparently, this is going to be the second year that the Run the Republic was going to be held at the Republic building as opposed to the “Register” building downtown. The picture posted is the last medal awarded for the last “Run the Register” event in Denver, Colorado in 2007. I am glad to have that on my athletic resume.

Yet, coming into work this morning I heard…

“I thought of you this weekend”


“How did you do this weekend?”

And those people were referring to the Run the Republic or the Snowman Stampede events that were held this past weekend. I said “Sorry,” but I was sick and I was not going to risk wearing my body down and becoming more susceptible to the flu should I have competed in either/both events. It hurt to say that, but I have to be realistic about my well being as opposed to doing every event I have stated I will compete in. Experience and getting older seemed to have finally made me aware of my mortality, in a manner of speaking.

So, I made home chicken noodle soup and had that all weekend long. I made myself sleep for 12 hours this past weekend. Granted, I did not sleep the 12 hours straight, but I did wake up about every two hours (not by choice) and I took some Nyquil Cough medicine (syrup) and either a glass of Orange Juice or Grapefruit juice and then laid back down. Within moments I was back to sleep and another two hours I was doing the same procedure over again. Although, every four hours I took one Nyquil capsule as opposed to the cough syrup.

I heard Sunday’s weather was nice, but I would not know since I did not even step outside my humble abode.

And this morning I felt pretty good and I was able to ride the bike without feeling tired / exhausted. I felt good and I actually felt like I wanted to ride a bike just for the sakes of riding. And to top that off – I felt like I wanted “get into it” with anyone that was going to push the wrong button with me. I know that’s a clear sign that I am getting back to the old, sarcastic self – yeah right.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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