Thursday, February 19, 2009

Star Wars 3 Day Pass Souvenir

Greetings Readers

Once again, I was going through some old things and I have another memory to share from my past.

Many years ago the Headquarters for the Star Wars Fan Club was located in our fair City of Denver. Actually, out in Aurora, Colorado but close enough for government's work right?

Ever since Junior High I was an off and on member of the club. Paying one year then let the membership go for a few years and then join again.

I think, it was at the time of the prequel Star Wars movies that the Headquarters was in Denver. After that year I think that the Headquarters was bought by (?Wizard?) and the headquarters was moved to Chicago, IL.

I digress. During that last year located in Denver, the Headquarters organized the first annual Star Wars Celebration at the Wings over the Rockies Museum in Denver, Colorado.

Since I was/am a die hard collector and fan of most of the movies at that point in time there was no debate that I was going to the Star Wars Celebration event. I mailed in my forms and whatnot and soon got my 3 day pass, which is featured on the blog post for today.

There were the one day passes and some other passes, but I was interested in the 3 day pass since I was going to be there for all three days regardless!

And I was. Beautiful, exciting and one in a lifetime event for me and other Star Wars Fans. I took rolls and rolls of pictures, which makes me wonder perhaps I should share some of the pictures I took. I met some famous people and saw the original miniatures models used in the Star Wars films from Lucas Archives, and then I saw many props from The Phantom Menace which was scheduled to be released after the event

I saw and met Doug Chiang, Trisha Yar, Anthony Daniels, Terry Brooks and Warwick Davis to name a few. I saw Ray Parks, and the actor who actually played Darth Vader which I can not remember (?Peter Mayhew?) his name at the time of writing this blog. That was a sad sight to behold Readers, but I guess when you talk "trash" I guess that phrase "you better watch out or it will come back and haunt you" actually did come true. Although, I am glad they let him be there, without any mentions on any advertising.

It was the models that intrigued me the most and more importantly - "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy." I took so many pictures of her and from so many angles. The detail on that model was, in the words of my ex-co-worker "just so awesome" and I can see why it looked so good on film.

Well, there is more I could say, but perhaps I can save that for next time. And yes, I will try to scan some photos for you Readers and display on my blog.

P.S. - I got Terry Brooks and Warwick Davis to sign the back of my 3 day pass. I was interested in only Warwick Davis autograph was I like his character as Willow. Of course who could forget= "I'm the Leprechaun"

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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