Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pondering "That Dam Run 5k"

Greetings Readers

I am getting better and better, but I still have not made the commitment to run this weekend. There is one event scheduled at Cherry Creek Reservoir and that would be the "That Dam Run 5k."

Interesting though... Why only a 5k? Since the previous years the event was a 5m/5k event. And last year the event I did go to, but there were hardly any participants since that Sunday was so snowy and wet. I had about 1/4 of ice on all of my road bike spokes. I destroyed a bike light due to getting the bike light wet with wet snow. And top of the start of that morning my brakes were iced up in no time and the next thing I knew I couldn't brake and off the sidewalk I went and thumped to kiss Mother Earth's white jacket of snow.

Anyway, I want to run the event this year, but then again I do not want to run just a 5K. I want to run the 5M (5 Miles), which basically has the course going over the entire top of the Cherry Creek Reservoir and back.

If the cost is going to the same, but for basically half the distance from last year - I see myself getting screwed in the deal. After all in this day and age, we all have to make money choices and where to save money and where to spend money.

Right now that is a choice I am going to have to make real soon.

Although, I have to admit that if I get chosen for the Ride the Rockies, then most likely I am not going to run.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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