Saturday, February 14, 2009

A New Bike for my Brother

Greetings Readers

Well, I have gone and done it. I bought the same exact model and type of Mountain Bike for my brother this weekend.

I also bought the second new Mountain bike from the same store manager I bought the first one from. Of course, there was the usual "Hey didn't you buy this bike a couple of weeks ago?" from other employees (not the store manager though)

"Yes, I did. So what. I can not buy another bike?"

And that was that. I did ride the new Mountain bike home making sure that I did not get the bike too dirty. After all I want the Mountain bike to be as clean as possible.


No, I am not going to give the first bike to my Brother. Yes, logically I have a choice, but in reality I bought the first Mountain bike for myself. And I have named that bike Lily. For me to give away Lily and re-name the second bike Lily is just wrong.

Yet Readers, a certain ignorant cyclist who says I am the rudest person he has ever known would keep the newest bike for him/herself and give the older bike (about 3 weeks old) to his/her brother/sister if the roles were reversed. That young inexperienced attitude and thinks he/she is all that and a bag of Chips.

Granted, I think and know I am all that and a bag of Potato Chips, on some subjects. And of course I am not too arrogant enough to admit that fact to you Readers. Unlike my junior ignorant cyclist.

In closing, the temptation to just ride that new second bike is soo tempting. But alas, I do have Lily and she is more than enough for me to keep myself content with her. Hah hah.

I am pretty proud of myself for buying the bike for my brother though. As I wrote in the past I do buy things for my brother from time to time and costs vary from a few dollars up to about 50.00 dollars or so. Yet, I think I have exceeded my spending purchase this time around.

My brother does have a GT Mountain Bike - early year 2,000 I-drive model before the reversed I-drive was introduced. Color Red and pretty darn nice. However, the bike is getting old and is slowly falling apart piece by piece. I did get the I-drive model, but at least I got him another GT model. That is better than nothing right.

Unfortunately, he is the type of person that would not buy a new bike for the sakes of buying a bike - LIKE MYSELF - (11 bikes). Could be due to money on why not buying a new bike. Could be due to why should he buy a new bike when the old one works. Could be many reasons.

I did talk to my parents and told them to be aware just in case that my Brother does start talking about a new bike to discourage his purchase until I get him his new bike I bought for him. I am not sure when I will be able to get his new bike to him, but I estimate in about 2 to 4 weeks when I think I will be able to get to Albuquerque and deliver his new bike.

What? Am I expecting something in return. No, but I would not mind it. Although he did buy me the DVD The Dark Knight for Christmas since I did not have the DVD, but only Blueray The Dark Knight version. And no I would not take any cash from him.

There you have it Readers. And one would have to ask themselves would the rudest person you have ever known done that for a sibling? Or even expect that from a sibling?

P.S. - If you can not tell from the picture - My brother's bike is on the left (with no dried mud on the tires) and Lily is on the right (Dried mud on the tires and broken reflector). And I put both bikes in the picture so no one would think that I am taking two pictures of the same bike individually. I do not want you Readers to think that I am lying. After all - my shit does not smell better than your shit.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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