Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 Days Before Valentine's Day

Greetings Readers

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I do not have any true Valentines to give to anyone - really. That is a good thing since that means that I do not have to spend any money or give any thoughts on what I should get that "special woman" in my life.

However, as you faithful Readers know I ran into the Qdoba girl from my past last August and have been trying to really get to know her. Well, trying and not trying, to be honest. I have blogged about her since August and all those moments I have created by myself or with her directly. Some of it is good, some great and then there are the moments that I can not believe I pulled that shit. Believable me, oh yes.

Long story short, not love, but lusting after the Qdoba girl and I finally was able to express how I felt and gave her my number via a Christmas Card in December.

Presently, she has not called (as far as I know), nor came to my table when I have eaten there at Qdoba's, or given any indication after the Christmas card whether or not she is interested or not interested. Obviously, she has not acknowledged the Christmas card or if she has I totally missed the moment.

I have seen her a few times since the Christmas card, but have not brought up the card, nor flirted or shown any more interest than I have. One - not to show how much I want her. and two - not to be stalker like.

I could go on an on, but I think I have covered how I feel. So, now I would like to give something to her for Valentine's Day, but I do not know if she is truly not interested, interested, involved with a man or woman or waiting for me to make another move. I just do not know.

So that brings me to this. Should I go in tomorrow night and see if she is working and see what sort of reception I get or do I not go. If she shows interests then that would change my mind and I would get her something for Valentine's Day. However, if she does not show interest if I do go tomorrow then I need to basically put an end to the Qdoba girl lusting. Which I almost have done currently. I have actually thought about switching my Qdoba visits back to Sunday, which from the past I she did not work.

That would be easy for me since not seeing her would be okay and probably for her not seeing me would be good also. I do have new prospects with and I have to admit I have gotten match with my type - blonde, slender and athletic. And even more so - the California transplant blonde - oh baby.

Although, I still could see myself with the Qdoba girl learning / teaching me some Spanish and learning first hand how to roll my "R's." with her tongue with my tongue. Hah hah. Now I am really reaching and dreaming. On that note I will let you go Readers.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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