Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On the Verge of Sickness ?

Greetings Readers

I went into the local liquor store and I see that the first 2009 Spring micro brew from Redhook is out now.

Very good, but not good since I am sensing I am getting sick (flu). I feel funky and my throat is getting scratchy, sniffling the nose as well as runny. Which means I am unable to partake in the first bottle of CopperHook. Starting today I am going to grapefruit juice and Day/Nyquil.

So, this is not good for me. Well, I do not mean it that way, but with me on the verge of getting sick or ready to be sick I do not think that I will commit to the Snowman Stampede or the Run the Republic this weekend.

I did set aside the days this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) for both of these events, but now with me on the verge of getting sick I am not sure that I want to compete in my condition which I could literally wear down my body more and make me more susceptible to the flu.

I am being cautious - I did not even bike today - it was all RTD and Lightrail to work. Yet, I have to admit that riding in my bike shorts as opposed to my warm up long pants may have something to do with me getting sick. Although, I have been riding almost this way for the past winter so it must be the combination of several things to get feeling this way. I just do not know.

Although, if I had to an event I am leaning towards the Snowman Stampede since I am able to enter the day of the event whereas the Run the Republic I/we have to pre-register since there is no day of event registration.

This past weekend I did not compete in the Valentine's Day 5k since .... well, let me just say that I did not have any of my running gear since I was not home.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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