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A bike "Stolen"

Greetings Readers

I left four comments in the past couple of days on four different blogs and they all had a common theme.

“If you disagree with my blog you don’t have to read”

Yes, I agree with that, but don’t be a fucking hypocrite.

After all in all four of these blogs they are open to all Readers – meaning that the blog is not marked for “private.”

All four blogs are open for commenting. And open on the Internet for anyone to read.

On the first blog anyone – meaning anyone – can leave a comment without having a screen name. The second blog you can leave a comment, but only if you have a screen name. The third blog you may leave a comment, but it has to be approved by the blog’s owner. And the last blog has been changing back and forth on what type of blog comments can be left.

Us Readers of blogs know that there are people who comment to agree with the bloggers or give praise or salutations. Yet, there are other bloggers who leave negative comments. And then there are other bloggers who leave links on other blogger’s blogs comments. There are other bloggers who merely comment for the sakes of commenting. And with myself I often leave comments to make the blog’s owner aware more often than not that I do not side with the blogger’s post for that day – not meaning I disagree, but have a different point of view.

With that being said I know that I do not have to read your blog, but I read it because I may find you amusing. I may find you so one sided. I may find you entertaining. I also may find you attractive. I may find you live in a country I want to read more about from your blog. I may find that we share a common interest. I may find that you are in the same city as myself. I may find you so innocent to your stupidity it is a pleasure to find out what fucked up thing(s) you are going to do next. I may see you proclaim yourself to “God” in your blog, then yet in your blog you have broken half of the sins you are not suppose to. You curse, drink, smoke, have sex while not married and to top that off you often use every thing in life as an excuse for “God” testing you in your life. Yet, you do not have the fucking audacity to take any responsibility for your actions or your non-actions in life.

My faith in religion has no bearing to this subject. Nor does your faith in religion have a point to this subject at hand. I bring this up because two of these bloggers believe in God and religion. Both bloggers proclaim their following in religion and to God. And I could care less about their faith since what I think does not matter nor have any bearing in their life. Yet, I have been reading their blogs for the past year and they are so contradictory to what they proclaim and what they write about.

So, when I comment and the blogger has to approve my comment(s) before being posted to their blog – more often than not – my comment does not get posted. I do not use curse words, unless they cursed in that particular blog post, but then again I do not curse since I would not want any cursing posted on my blog.

Hah hah. Sorry Readers – I could not type that without laughing and smiling! You Readers are entitled to your opinion (and cuss words) and ever since this blog of mine has started I have not deleted a bad comment (or a curse word). The only comments I have deleted is the comments that are left that say “click here to get your timeshare for less than you think” which is not a comment, but a statement that has no bearing on my blog post of that day.

Me? Yes, I have limited my comments to bloggers with screen names, since I was getting bloggers who were leaving comments “click here for incredible time share offer in Mexico.” Otherwise, any blogger with a screen name who has left a comment – good or bad – has been left posted on my blog by me. No Deletion.

Getting back to the “if you don’t like - don’t read.”

That is so true – If I am not interested in the blog, I WILL not read. Period. However, it is interesting because it is interesting to me what you are blogging about. It is not about not liking. Those are totally two different things. Not liking and interesting. Hmmmm.

So, when I comment about what you have posted there is a reason I did so. Mostly, not to agree with what you may have done. Not necessarily negative, but perhaps not what you want to see (read) from a blogger like me (or anyone who does not agree with your way.)

For example: Last year a certain ignorant cyclist blogged about how his bike helmet was taken right outside their front door, in so many words (but the word “Stolen” was never used). This person said they were “not mad,” but we Readers know they were. Hell, I would be as well as 99 percent of the population be pissed off that someone took our bike helmet. Wait, Readers – he took responsibility that the helmet was left out for about ½ the day (and near central Denver.) where anyone could have seen (and take) the bike helmet sitting out in the open.

That was the story relayed to us Readers last year from this certain blogger. Three days later the ignorant cyclist reported his landlord returned his helmet to him. The ignorant cyclist gave no apology by making the assumption his helmet was stolen nor was it posted by the ignorant cyclist that he even said “Thank you” to the property manager. Did I care? Nope. And from this particular person I would not have even thought that was even in his personality to say Thanks. And this is only an assumption of me by going off all his blog posts he has made.

With that past history being re-visited there is another blogger out there who recently had something “stolen” – their Road Bike.

Once again – a different, and as before a younger cyclist than me, who has stated all over their blog their following in God, their path to God and faith in God has blogged about their bike being stolen the past week and he (mind you this blogger said he – not she) whoever stole their bike is an “asshole.” Furthermore, if this blogger ever sees this person on their stolen bike they will tackle him. Side note Readers – I too would try and take my “stolen” bike back if I saw someone on a bike that I know is mine.

Wow. Is this person really following God’s morals? I remember – “thou shall not kill.” I am pretty sure that also implies that thou shall not hurt; take revenge on another human being. Right?

There is some history before the blogger called the thief an “asshole” – apparently the blogger left their bike locked up in front of a building on a college campus in Colorado for over 13 days. I do not know anymore than that. Meaning – I do not know how far was this building from the blogger’s home. I do not know why they left their bike locked up for over 13 days at that building. I do not know why they did not take their bike back to his/her home. All I know is that the blogger left their bike locked up for over 13 days, now the bike is gone and that a human being is evil for taking their bike, which they admit it was partially their fault for leaving locked up for over 13 days at a bike rack.

Going to back to the story from last year about the stolen helmet – the blogger neglected to think about other possibilities about what might have happened to the road bike. I left a comment on their blog – perhaps a park maintenance person took the bike – perhaps security (campus), or even the police took the bike into their possession. After all, a college campus has to remain clean and pretty. Seeing a bike chained up for over 13 days and not being moved would appear abandoned to me. I would, if I am allowed to under college rules, to cut any locked bike that appears abandoned for an extended amount of time. No, I would not keep the bike for myself. I would put the bike in storage area or give to the police for holding / investigation.

In this day and age of terrorism a terrorist(s) could technically pack plastic explosive into a bike frame. Hence, that is why at the DNC (Democratic National Convention) last year NO bikes (Road, Fixed, Cruiser and Mountain bikes) were let near Invesco Field at Mile High for that reason alone.

With that being said seeing a locked up road bike not being moved on a college campus would be very, very suspicious and I would wonder myself since a college campus would be a place a terrorist would strike since there are a lot of people, young people, that could be targets for any terrorist(s).

In closing, I hope my comment does not get deleted, but if it does so be it. I do know that the blogger will most likely come to my blog and will read what I just told you Readers. Jumping the gun and assuming the worst is shallow one-sided thinking.

P.S. – I do hope that the bike was not stolen, but if the bike was taken I do hope it is recovered. After all, if my bike went missing I would hope for recovery. Then again, I would not have left any of my road bikes locked up at a bike rack for over 13 days. We Readers know that there are thieves out their in the world and seeing something as easy as a road bike left unattended as long as 13 days is basically an invitation to the thieves out in that world of ours to steal something sitting unclaimed for that amount of time.

Instead of calling someone an “asshole” perhaps you should call yourself an “asshole” for leaving your road bike locked up at that bike rack for that amount of time.

Note: Personally, I am not calling (labeling) anyone an “asshole” – not the thief or the bike owner on this particular subject at hand.

It sounds like “the pot calling the kettle black.”

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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