Sunday, June 01, 2008

The "Missing" Sandwich

Greetings Readers

I guess, I need to fess up for something that transpired late Friday Morning. I was okay Friday morning having a so so day at work. I had do something that had to be done. Anyway, I worked up an appetite and I thought to myself I am going to have the other half of my $ 5.00 foot long subway Cold Cut Combo that I had on Thursday for an early Friday Lunch. I still had a full bag of Lay's Potato Chips, and my customary bottle of Coca Cola.

Where I work has two refrigerators since so many of us bring lunches. Well, I guess I would have to say that I am not one of "us", but on this particular day I had a reason to use the refrigerator.

Getting back to the story. I went to the fridge a little after 11 AM and I looked where I put my sandwich the day before. And I did not see my sandwich on the shelf. I saw a few other lunch bags and plastic bags, but I did not see the Subway Sandwich bag that contained half my sandwich and also a pink post it note, scotch taped to the outer bag. Nada. Well, I thought perhaps the bag got moved or pushed behind another bag/tote. So, I searched the shelf. Nothing. Then, I searched the all four shelves in the refrigerator. Nothing still.

Oh boy. My attitude changed real quick. I think it is funny how my mood can change quickly when something I want/desire is not there. I was getting pissed off. Skip being mad. I did not see/find my sandwich in the fridge. I also checked the fridge door and drawers. Nothing.

Well, I decided to check the other fridge. I did the same thing, I checked all the shelves, the drawers and the fridge door. Nothing, except for friend's sandwich that she had leftover from our lunch outing.


I re-checked the fridge I know I put the sandwich in yesterday, just in case in my current mood and perhaps not checking carefully to make sure that I did not overlook a part of the fridge. Nothing once more. Then, I decided to check a trashcan that was near the fridge. Only one item was in there, but it was not my bag with my sandwich in the bag. I was pissed.

How in the fuck could my sandwich disappear?! It is only Friday, which means that the fridge cleaning does not happen until the weekend when everything left over in the fridge gets thrown away in garbage.

Note: My friend believes that the cleaning crew have a spectacular collection of Tupperware at home from all the Tupperware that supposedly does not get thrown away. However, I believe that the cleaning crew throw the Tupperware away. I mean there is only so much Tupperware one can have right?

Wait! Before working here I never, ever have/had Tupperware in my humble kitchen abode. I am going to say something I do believe and I know that I am going to contradict what I am going to say, but I still believe in that statement.

Tupperware is great. Yet, Tupperware to me indicates "white trailer trash." I do not mean that in a bad way, only in my personal view. I could fucking care less if you have Tupperware in your home, but Tupperware in my home is a taboo. I love having things other people do not have in their kitchen. I would not think any different of you should you have Tupperware in your home. Its the way I feel about Tupperware.

But, since I started working at where I am at I have started taking lunch for myself, for friends and any reason for me to cook. At that point I had to succumb to buying some Tupperware. Yep. I had to. Anyway, long story short I had to make sure I got some decent Tupperware and to make sure that I have a uniform set (meaning different sizes that all are made by the same manufacturer, same color and same set.) I was not going to buy a cheap looking Tupperware set, but how in the fuck was I going to know what is cheap Tupperware and what is cheap, cheap Tupperware.

I looked in the Grocery Stores and I saw what was available. With that I decided to make a stop at Target, then Wal-mart. That was where I saw the one that I was going to purchase. The Tupperware seemed to be expensive so I decided right there to get that type of Tupperware. Within a couple weeks I had a set, the set, of Tupperware I had to have in order to transport food to and from work.

By all means, I have not changed my views, but I am less rigid on the thinking of "white trash looking." I have to admit the containers are great for my salads, rice, and homemade Salsa I bring in. And yes, I have the Tupperware in my kitchen, but carefully out of the normal cabinets since I would not like anyone seeing that I have Tupperware in my kitchen. Crazy, I know.

As you can readers I got off topic once more. Talking about Tupperware and not the real reason for the post - the "missing" sandwich. First and foremost, I am not going to say or even assume that someone took my sandwich and be on the lookout for a Cold Cut Combo in the Southern part of Denver with a pink post-it note taped to the sandwich plastic bag . I have to take in consideration the many, many possibilities there are to the "Missing" sandwich - just as in life.

1. That someone saw my handwriting - "Mr C's 05/29/08" on the pink post it note and decided to him/herself "Hmmm that's his lunch and I going to get rid of the sandwich out of spite!"

2. There was a vindictive cleaning crew and they saw that I do not acknowledge them at all and they decided to throw my sandwich away for being a prick.

3. My friend decided to see how I will react by taking the sandwich out of the fridge and get herself a laugh and a smile on a Friday.

4. Someone was hungry and needed something to eat.

5. Someone decided to take my sandwich for some one taking their sandwich in the past. An eye for an eye.

6. Someone decided that it was my turn to "lose" something from the fridge.

7. I just picked the wrong day and wrong fridge to put my left over sandwich into. Sucks to be me.

8. Someone took my sandwich home with them, an honest mistake by not looking closely on what he/she was taking on the way out of the office fridge.

9. And the list could go on for more possibilities.

I could and would not ever assume that someone just stole(n) my sandwich. That is just naive thinking and so one-sided. Not to mention that shows your true character on how you look to others. Though I would be careful around that person since he/she would assume that should something go missing in the future. Hey - you could be labeled a thief by nothing you did except being yourself.

Anyway, I was pissed off, but I got back to my desk and ate more potato chips instead. Good enough, but the Cold Cut Combo sandwich along with the chips would have been the almost perfect leftover lunch. I was a bit mad, but got over it since the sandwich was literally 5 bones and change. After all, it is only a sandwich, nothing another "Subway Sandwich Maker" can make for me at my next visit to their establishment.

As you can see I got over it since I did not even remember this incident until this afternoon when I was remembering what happened last week. Yet, thinking and writing about the incident is funny.

There you have it readers - the "missing" lunch from the fridge or if I was going to put myself in some one's shoes (and I am sure you could guess who) I could title the post "Someone took my sandwich."

Until the next time.

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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Sam H. said...

When I got out of bed this morning, I thought to myself "I wonder how Daryl feels about Tupperware? Does he love it? Despise it? What? WHAT?????". I am so happy that I now know the truth.