Monday, June 02, 2008

The French Open 2008 - Day 9

Greetings Readers

Oh my, oh my. Oh yes! Sharapova can take herself back to Russia or Florida since she has gotten eliminated from Roland Garros. I only read the article, but as she was playing she was getting louder on screaming and grunting. Then, just as the Australian did to Sharapova one year ago (or was it two?), the French Fans did the same thing today - boos and whistles and apparently Sharapova left the court immediately with no thanking the crowd. Oh another woo is me story from Sharapova. You know the one - oh it is not my fault. I just did what I did. etc.

Oh! Yesterday, during the Nadal match on NBC. Holy shit I was going to watch some tennis, but as soon as I heard the off hand comments about what Nadal, Uncle Tony and the food I could not believe how much was made about the food and what was brought, and where it gotten from and why is he not eating out from the bag, etc. It is tennis, not a play by play on some one's food being brought to being consumed by Nadal. That fucking Mary Jo C and her "cohorts" could not even talk about the match in progress. Granted! It was a boring match since the outcome is pretty predictable, but give the other play due credit and respect for making it this far in the tournament. I am sure that NBC is paying for your sports commentary and not your off hand comments about food off the clay court of Roland Garros.

Monfils made the cut! As well as Gonzalez. And it is on like Donkey Kong. I have Gonzalez on the Gonzalez / Federer match. My friend has Roger to win. I know Gonzo can give Federer a run for Roger's money.

Sorry readers, that I have not kept up with you all on the first week of Roland Garros, but I have to tell you readers - nothing happened worthwhile. Yes, I was happy when Serena was eliminated, but other than that I had nothing to really write something up that I have not before. Now it is the start if the second week and this is when things get interesting. Which it has already. And catch the announcers on Radio Roland Garros as opposed to listening to the matches on tv with those Carillo and "co-horts" who do not respect tennis for the true fans who tune in to watch the French Open.

Alright - Giro d'Italia - Contador is the winner of the race that has lasted three weeks. And by the biking gods it is my so called team - Astana (my team from last year) I chose

And here is a picture of me - once more. Readers. Notice anything different? See anything different? Besides the bike, the jersey, the shoes, the thighs. etc. Look what is on top of my head. A fucking bike helmet. Yep, I woke up this morning and I got a funny feeling. Not the hair standing on my arms. Or not having a bad morning. I just felt something was "off." I decided to play it safe and wear a bike helmet all day. Isn't she pretty. I bought the helmet in Dec 03 and she still looks just as new as the day I bought her.

And by the way I got a "So who killed Kenny?" and "Awesome bike jersey dude" and the best comment of the day "I want your bike" said someone twice "I want your bike". Yep, Andrea, the road bike that is pictured today and the bike jersey the jersey that I wore yesterday. He absolutely loved the way and the condition of the bike. He also liked all the customization that I did to make the bike more than just the average road bike. I hate to tell you readers, but after that remark it was over for the day for me.

I took a break at the Arapahoe Marketplace and just relaxed with a coke on the sidewalk in front of one of the stores. And while relaxing I got danced to by two women. Two! Alright I confess, two girls were dancing in front of me, it was not even the same as two women dancing, but I smiled and they kept dancing in front of me. Perhaps the girls thought I was cute. Perhaps it was Andrea. Perhaps it was the Oakleys. Or perhaps it was day. Anyway, I would think the girls were in the early teens and way, and I mean way off limits for me!. I had my earphones on so I could not hear them singing/talking, but there they were dancing away in front of me - a foot away. I kept turning my head trying not to look at them, but then they would step directly into my view. I was embarrassed, but you know what readers since I had just got the comment "I want your bike" I let the girls dance away while I tried to keep still. I am pretty proud of myself for not making a scene or more importantly saying something rude to them.

Update 7:13 PM - Also, today it has been one year since the death of Grayson Pointer - Another fallen cyclist died, but technically not while riding his road bike, but riding a scooter. As far as I can read no one else remembered - how sad.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete


Sam H. said...

This blog does not have enough pics of your legs and butt. The internet demands that you post more.

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

I'm trying since I am advertising to the world on what I have to offer - physically.

Though, what I have written to date could be the x factor that says "he's F'd in the A"

hah hah - made myself laugh