Sunday, June 08, 2008

The French Open 2008 - Day 14

Greetings Readers

Well, damn there goes another bet that I lost. Damn, damn and damn - one "Damn"for each tennis match I lost for this year's French Open. That was three small bottles of Crown Royal. Though the bets were all in good fun. Two I knew were long shots, but I took the chance. You may know me readers, but I often route for the underdog.

And I was up early this morning to watch the French Open, but I was no hurry. I was out on the balcony listening to the birds and waiting for the Dawn (sunrise) to show. Yeah, I went to bed early on Saturday night. Anyway, I was just enjoying the morning while listening to some music. After a while I decided to turn on the TV to see Roger lose. I was surprised - the match was over and the show was going to re-show the 2007 French Open Final. Wow. The Men's match was already over this early in the morning. I do not even know the final score. I am sure it was over in three sets, possibly four, but it is Nadal on clay.

Update 06/09/08 - wow - the score was ugly. And I mean ugly 6-1, 6-3, 6-0. I guess I am glad I did not see the match that was not even two hours long and apparently drew the lowest TV ratings ever. I read some articles that show Nadal was not really happy, happy about winning in front of Roger. Hmm - I am surprised that Roger lost that bad. How could the number one player in the world lose that bad?! I, we faithful tennis fans, know that Nadal is king of the clay court, but to get beaten that bad - sort of ridiculous.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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