Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The French Open 2008 - Day 11

Greetings Readers

Well, as you can see from the picture on today's post I have posted the other rim that I was interested in. I have changed my mind and this is the set that I am going to purchase, most likely. By no means am I done with the HED 3 rim. If the Jet C2's look good and the product looks good then I will purchase HED 3 in the near future. Both of these rim styles are gorgeous. Gorgeous baby.

I will be getting both front and back rims, Shimano and the red sticker logo. I guess that pretty much sums up the order. I know that these rims will be "hot" or as my ex-co-worker would say just "Awesome."

Now, onto the other news. I lost the Federer vs Gonzalez (aka Gonzo) match today. =( Damn, now I have to go to the liquor store and buy a tiny bottle of Crown Royal. Anyway, it was all in good fun and I knew Gonzalez had a chance to win. Which by the way, Gonzo took the first set 6-2 in 29 minutes from Roger. Pretty nice to say the least. But as much as I know Roger it does usually take a set for him to get warmed up and used to the court and play of the other player. Now, what I did not see was the decimation of Gonzo after the first set though listening to the match was not good. Too bad. Though, in my overall view - fucking great job Fernando making this far!

And the best news of the day - Monfils made the semi's - and his next opponent is Roger. Though I am jumping the gun. The Monfil's vs Ferrer match, from Radio Roland Garros was good. It sounded like it was a battle, then Ferrer just lost his playing in the match, sort of what Gonzo did in his match against Roger. Again, I was listening so I could not actually see what was being shown/seen on tv. Yet, Monfils made the semi's! I can not remember was I said about him a year ago, but I think I said this player was someone to be on the watch out for in the future and look at it now. Monfils is in the Semi-s - at a Grand Slam - as a French player - in the French Open 2008! I have been behind him 100 percent and will still be in the upcoming match against Roager. Who knows with Monfils playing style Roger may get bested in the semi's due to Monfils playing the court. I am not sure about a bet on the match, but I am going to think about this in the next 24 hours. It could be on like Donkey Kong.

And my tennis readers - take a fucking second look at Dinara Safina. Fucking impressive in the French Open so far - not mentioning the past month she's been playing (which she beat Henin in her last official match of Tennis in professional play). She came back from another almost defeat against Dementieva today 4-6, 7-6, 6-0. And you can see from this picture she deserves this win and not to mention looking like the winner of the French Open this year. I have to say that her comebacks of late is just like Roger's warm up in a match. That is all it is - not a comeback - but just Safina warming up to the other player's playing style. And by the way, I think Safina muscles are bigger than my biceps! And I know her next opponent - Kuznetsova - will either show up and give Safina a run for the title or then again Kuznetsova will not show up at all. If Safina loses or starts to lose it then we may be witness to a site as her older brother does on the court - and you readers know who that is - Mr. Safin - and there will be screaming and yelling and perhaps some racket damage. And in my opinion - Safina is not an under dog and should not collapse under the spotlight being in the semi's!

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete


Sam H. said...

Wow, now that is just "awesome". Yes, dear blogger, just "awesome".

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

Oh I never have mentioned how my ex-co-worker said "awesome" and with that head tilt thrown in as if that made the word more than just "awesome"