Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm an "Idiot"

Greetings Readers

I was not specifically called an “idiot”, but that particular “bad word” was probably in general, indirectly, was directed to “you” (meaning me) and others who fit a certain criteria by someone.

Hmmm. An “Idiot.” Fuck me (that’s me saying this just like I could care less.) I take that as a compliment. Sheyat! (Translation – Shit!) An “idiot” - me?

As I will quote from one of my favorite songs – “Chainsaw Charlie” by W.A.S.P…

…I’m a cocksucking asshole, that’s what they call me…

I am experienced enough in my years now, not to get offended by being called a shit head, fucker, son of a bitch, a goddamn motherfucker, etc. There are many, many and I mean many names that I have been called since the beginning of my time on this blue world in the universe. I also have come to terms - that being called a name is just a name. Being a called a “bad word” now is really nothing in my book to get worked up about. After all, being called a “bad word” is just a word, period.

I remember a time that being called an “asshole” was something that I had to instantly reply with another “bad word.” From there, the “bad words” usually flew from me and the other person(s) who was calling me a “bad word.” And boy oh boy I can remember the “bad words” were combined with other “bad words” as if making the longest “bad word” had the final say in the “bad word” calling knock down.

I categorize “bad word” calling in the same boat as the infamous one finger salute. The one finger salute is just a finger, the middle finger, being directed to whomever deserves the middle finger. Yet bottom line just one finger being raised from a closed fist.

Readers, I will not justify a reply to calling the person(s) that called me a “bad word” by calling them a “bad word.” One word - Juvenile. Occasionally, I do get some satisfaction by calling another person a “bad word.” And yes, I will admit it does make me feel good sometimes.

Yet, in defense of the person that indirectly calling me an “idiot,” I have thought the “bad word” to that person. I am not sure if that matters to you Readers, but I thought to mention this to you Readers, since it has came into my mind when I read I was indirectly being called an “idiot.”

If any of you faithful Readers have been reading and paying attention to my blog information I have been biking continuously for about twelve years now. I am more experience than you can imagine. I have had more crashes than you can imagine. I have had three rides in a fire engine truck being taken home after some serious crashes. I have had more crashes involving vehicles than you would expect. I have hit a pedestrian walking off the bike path, intentionally I think, into my riding area off the bike path – her fault even when I rode off the bike path to get around her.

I am not proud of any of those events. I strive to be a better person. I am not a person to pass on some wisdom of what I have encountered in the past twelve years. I try to say/write on what should not be taken for granted and/or present another way that something should be looked at opposed to being close minded. Yet, some readers do not grasp that even though being right is not always the right way in life.

I am not perfect nor do I claim I am perfect. I do try to pass on the events that have transpired in my life to you readers. I obey the law regarding biking about 95 percent of the time. Whereas other people do not. And there are a lot of other people who break the law. Yet, these same people have the nerve to call me an “idiot” for not wearing a helmet.

If you got in a crash and cracked/damaged your helmet then, to me in my opinion, you were not paying attention to your surroundings or thinking that you are a “god” and had the right of way before cracking / damaging your helmet. My friend(s), or not my friend(s), I probably have been biking longer than you have been biking - you better re-think the words you wrote by indirectly calling me an “idiot” or “bad word” by not wearing a helmet.

I have not cracked a single helmet. Period. Perhaps you, yes you, are not paying attention to your surroundings. I will not call you an “idiot” or any other “bad word.” It is not my style or method. I know, I know – in order for me to crack / damage a helmet I must wear one =).

Otherwise, you may keep your “bad words” to yourself regarding me about helmets. Unless you need to call me names please comment/post away. Yet, do I really deserve to be called an “idiot” just because I do not, for the most part, wear a helmet?

Why? Why call me an “idiot?” I do not like to be everyone else, but that is not the reason why I do not wear a helmet. I am a rebel, but that is not the reason why I do not wear a helmet. I am not affecting you in any way by me not wearing a helmet. You are not responsible for me, are you? I am not your bitch, nor mine, not a boyfriend, not a girlfriend, not a wife, not a husband so why do you care?

Where as I care about you running red lights and stop signs, since that makes me and other bikers look “bad” in other people’s view since you, in their view, are setting an example how cyclists / bikers do not obey the law. And should I be the next cyclist that they come across they will automatically lump me in the same boat as you thinking that I too will run that red light / stop sign.

I have chosen to ride without a helmet, when I can, and I have been so for about ten years since being re introduced to the biking world I left behind. I have learned (in my opinion) how to prepare for a crash (no, I am not a crash expert) and what to do when there is a crash eminent, yet I know to you by the book biker / cyclist / commuter that does not fucking count. Get over it. As soon as you daily commuter / biker / cyclist gets over twenty five crashes then talk to me, otherwise state your “woo-is-me” attitude on someone else that thinks I am an “idiot” also.

And you can quote and tell me there have been studies regarding helmet wearing and the statistics. I do not deny nor will argue those at all.

I know the code. I know the ordinances. More importantly I know the law. Though at points in my life, I have broken the law regarding biking in my biking career.

Changing the subject to the French Open – as you can see from the picture of today’s post – Safina demolished Kuznetsova. Literally. I was in awe, but I have to say that Kuznetsova did not even show up and play tennis. I do not have a clue on how or why she played like she did. Yet, I knew that this was a possibility since this sort of tennis play has happened in the past with her. I truly believe Safina is going to be the 2008 French Open Women’s championship winner. And as this particular Athlete does too I stick my tongue out!

Perhaps sticking my tongue at someone "special" =)

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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Sam H. said...

Let's face it, you are kind of an idiot, but it has nothing to do with the fact that you ride sans helmet.