Monday, June 09, 2008

Coca-Cola Caps

Greetings Readers

As you can see from today's blog I have all the bottle caps that my mother, father, brother and all my brother's friends collected for me in between the time that I picked up the last batch of Coca-Cola Caps when I went to the Ranch for a vacation.

Oh yes, I want the points! I want as many points as possible. Anyway, I have earned alot of rewards in the past year and a half by redeeming Coca-Cola Points. Three Coca-Cola back packs, A Coca-Cola metal key chain, a Coca-Cola Earphones, a DVD player and a couple of other items.

This is another reason that I need to go down to New Mexico. To go get my Coca-Cola points. I, of course, bring other stuff in exchange for the collecting of the Coca-Cola Caps. I think you know the phrase - an eye for an eye. Nope readers, my family does not mail the Coca-Cola Caps to me.

I have not spent any points for a while now. I have a goal, but I highly doubt that I will get that high - 11,000 points for a TV-LCD 19 Flat screen, if I remember correctly. There are other prizes that I have passed up while saving for points. I wanted a portable DVD player, a Garmin GPS Coca-Cola Edition item, a Coca-Cola cooler, a telescope, binoculars, etc. As soon as I get to the desired level I think to myself if I can get this high of points then the next level is just right around the corner.

What was that infamous line from Gordon Gecko - "Greed is Good." I am greedy. and it sure does feel good.

So, until something that I really, really desires shows up I am going to keep on collecting Coca-Cola points for that TV. And there is always a chance that reward may go away since there are probably other people who might be doing/thinking the same thing about that TV.

And in case any of you readers are curious -

And should any of you readers want to email me your Coca-Cola codes that you do not use - please do.

Also - I am in the process of revising the "Labels." The list is getting long and after doing the labels for over a year I can probably edit, perhaps group stuff under more generic labels. For example, I have almost moved the KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King, Lotaburger, Bono's under a "Fast Food" label as opposed under each Fast Food name. I have Oscar's and Chik-fil-A left to edit.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete


Sam H. said...

Seeing as I am the only person that reads this blog (why, I don't know), and I wouldn't let a Coke come near me, you're probably not going to get any points from your readers.

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

Thanks Sam

Thanks for all the comments and your reading you have done to date.

I am slowly running out of things to rant, talk, describe, comment about so perhaps you may stop reading one day.

Though, I thank myself though for not having a continuing post about a past love - part 20 and write that I am over him/her, but I saved all my letters, photos which clearly indicates to me that you are not over him/her - and that example would be the ignorant senor(ita) =)

Yeah - I know I am not going to get any codes, but thought to write, just in case. hey - one code is one more step closer to that TV.