Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wimbledon 2008 - Day 4

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Oh my the seeds were falling from the sky today! Let see who got their walking papers - Roddick, Sharapova, Blake, Hanuchova, Zvonareva to name a few. Many, many, many seeded players were eliminated today. He gone! She gone! (yes readers said just like that "He gone" and not "He's gone") That was me saying those words throughout the day - he gone - she gone - he gone - she gone - Is it on? - It's on like Donkey Kong!

Yet, I think that the best news was the elimination of Sharapova. I guess "someone saved the Queen!" I think, I remember hearing eight double faults. Eight!? Wow. And then her attire - that is something in itself. Well, I am very happy that she is gone and I am so excited to see this match when I get home tonight. I want to see defeat. This defeat made the day so much sweeter. She gone! And the other player - I have no clue who she is but she will be remembered for bringing down Sharapova. Even more so - continuing reading readers.

Now, Roddick was eliminated by Tipsarevic. Remember readers - earlier this year in the dead winter of January - It was Friday night, Saturday Morning in Colorado when we saw this sort of look on Janko's face at the Australian Open. A look of fucking determination and a look of I am giving this my best tennis against another seeded player. That look Tipsarevic had when playing Federer at the Australian Open is displayed in this one picture from the match I have yet to see. Fucking determination. A true warrior looking for a battle upon the greens of the United Kingdom. I was on my lunch break listening and watching the live score tracker and I was cheering for Janko all the way. My co-workers knew that there was a smell of defeat and the cheerful side of Mr Charley was going to be appearing in a few. I am just so glad that the match was finished before darkness would have stop play.

I was able to listen to most of the events on Radio Wimbledon at work which is on the website

I will give you a summary on the matches that I will watch later tonight that I did record.

By the way this made me laugh

After dumping former Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova out of the tournament, Alla Kudryavtseva really twisted the knife by declaring she didn’t like her fellow Russian's famous on-court outfit.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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