Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bike to Work Day 2008

Greetings Readers

Well, well, well another Bike-to-Work day goes down into the books.

This is another one of those days that I do not wear any earphones. Why? Well, I want to hear all comments made by the other bikers and the volunteers at the various bike stations around the DTC (Denver Tech Center) that are usually directed to yours truly.

Oh yes, the good and the bad comments So be it and I am not one to worry about if the comment is a bad comment. However, if the comment(s) is a great one, such as the one I heard yesterday and that would one of these...

"That is one fucking awesome bike jersey"
"That is a cool jersey"
"Quit your bitchin!"
"Cartman Rocks!"

"Sweet jersey"
"Nice jersey man."
"Love the jersey."
"Where did you get that awesome jersey."

Unfortunately, I can not remember all the good comments I heard nor can I re-collect how many riders laughed behind me when I passed them on Bike to Work Day.

Anyway, I knew that was going to be the case about the Southpark bike jersey and that is why that I took the extra long route into work. Number one was to show off the Southpark bike jersey and number two was to get as much free stuff that I could. You name it and I took all items, food and drink that was possible.

I got bagels. Matter of fact, since I had quite a few bagels I saw another bike to work commuter down in the shower area and we chatted for a bit. He said he started out early in order to get the south side of Denver in plenty of time for work. He left early and some bike stations were not open nor did he know that some places - i.e. Panera Bread - were giving away bagels and drinks. He did not know so I did a good deed and gave him a bagel - and not just a plain bagel, but a sesame bagel. Now, I now that makes up for something bad in my past.

Then, to my friend Bobbie Rae I gave her my Colorado Athletic Club VIP one day pass that I picked up at The Colorado Athletic Club" aka "the CAC". Well, I am a member so I really could not use that VIP membership pass anyway.

There were a lot of biker/cyclist on the road and the sidewalks on Bike to Work Morning. More so than I have seen in years.

People at work throughout the day kept asking me if I had a problem with all the riders out this morning.

I said "no", but I did have to adapt to the one day of the year bike rider that are a plenty going to work. I also had to watch out with the bike riders that could not ride 6 to 8 inches to the curb like myself. If that rider had to ride a foot to two foot from the curb in the street so be it. I just had to make sure that I made my passing move quick and use a bit more safety in passing since technically I was basically riding in the middle of the street. Nope, I have no right to call or even think something bad to that bike rider.

Other bike riders could not keep riding a straight line while riding in the street. Again, it did not matter to me nor did I say a word to those people. Again, I have no right to say to them "Say you might want to ride on the sidewalk as opposed to the street." Again, I approached them carefully and when the moment was right to pass them, I did with even more caution.

Yesterday was just another day for me, minus the T-shirt this year. I was hoping that I would have the rims that I ordered, but I have not gotten them yet. I am hoping this week though.

I would have loved to gone down to Downtown Denver, but with end of month close and deadlines that had to be done I could only stay in the DTC area and still make it to work before my regular starting time.

I guess if there was one thing I do hate about that one day of the year on Bike to Work day is the shower area. We only have one shower and more often than not there is a line to get in the shower. Also, there is little room in the shower area so there are quite of few us waiting outside the shower area that is located in the underground garage area. So, all in all that is the only thing I detest, but again nothing to get worked up about. Yes, I like a nice hot shower on the building's expense - you may know the phrase a free shower is better than shower that you have to pay for.

Oh, oh, oh - there is another item that I hate about bike to work day. The bike rack. I have "my own parking space" at the bike rack. It is sort of an unwritten rule - that is Mr. Charley's parking area on the bike rack. Even if you get in before me you just do not park your Road/Mountain bike in that part of the bike rack. Anyway, on Bike to Work day you get those one day a year bike riders that do not know where I park my bike on the bike rack as in the case of last year. However, this year I was the first in so I did not have the problem of having someone take "my parking space"on the bike rack. Sounds crazy, but I got to have something that I like to believe is my space.

And today's picture is the bike station outside my club, "The CAC" in Inverness.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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