Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Post Ride Wrap-up

Greetings Readers

So, there I was on the lawn outside the Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce or is that the Town Hall? I am not sure. Perhaps Both. Mute point. I was there just enjoying my post meal on the lawn waiting for the raffle. The big raffle. This is also where I get to meet and see some of the people that I saw out on the course. Most that I passed on the bike, but a few that passed me on the 45 mile route.

I got a pretty big meal, but I think I was full from eating that frozen custard, two of them, and three cups of coke. When I got my Hamburger, Macaroni salad, some sort of cheese and rice mixture I was nibbing away, but wolfing down the meal. Everything was great even the hamburger was cooked perfect. I guess I was already full in a manner of speaking.

While I was enjoying the meal I could not help to notice how many children there were. And me with the words "Quit your Bitchin'" I was getting self conscious of that "bad word" on the back of my bike jersey. I decided to lean back so the bottom of the bike jersey could not be seen. Even then I decided it would be best if I just lay back and enjoy the lawn, the sun and the meal on my back. I would have to say it was nice.

You would not think I would care, but I did. I just did not want a child to say to his / her mom that guy has a bad word on the back of his bike jersey. Nor would I want a child to have them ask their parent what that word means.

Fast forward, most of the raffle was completed. They almost called my number out, but I was four short. I could have had a nice prize. Anyway, before the big two giveaways - two tickets to anyway in the US and a road bike we (bikers & runners) had to endure an auction.

I mean endure in the most polite way The auction is for charity. Yet, what I do not get is why put a high dollar charity auction at this event. Most people do not bring over $ 200.00 nor expect to spend $ 200.00 at a bike / run event. We realize that our registration fee hopefully goes to the charity that the event is helping. Anything extra is great, but in my mind we have done what we have.

There was some very nice items, but let me get to the meat of why I bring this up. So, there came this one item that was up for bidding and that was a picture of L.A. at one of the final stages (time trial) at the Tour de France. The pciture's owner had spoke about the picture and who took it and why it was something special. Hey, I know that phrase - Something special. Something special my ass. Do not get me wrong the framed photograph looked good, from my viewing point (40 yards away or so), but the bidding starting out $ 300.00 if I remember correctly.

I know the proceeds, if all of the proceeds, will help the charity, but $ 300.00 bones for a picture of L.A. that was on a stage at the last tour de France was worth the $ 300.00 bones. Well readers, no one took the opening bid. We all looked at each other and looked around to see who would take the opening bid. No one. Meanwhile, the announcer was still talking away, then finally lower the price 50.00 bones to 250.00. Still no one took the opening bid.

You know readers - this sort of restores my faith in that no one really cares about L.A. Wait! As I mentioned this is at bike / run event and again who brings or plans to spend that much money. So that might have been the reason why no one took a bid.

Well, the lower opening bid still had no takers after about 15 to 30 seconds. Then, someone did - the owner of JD Bait's Shop took the opening. And he did win the framed photograph of L.A. which he indicated that he will display in his store. Yet, thinking about this I think that was "I felt sorry for you bid" to me. The item was not getting any bids compared to all the other items that were auctioned off, so in order for the picture's owner to save face the owner of JD bait's shop open the bid.

By the way readers just to mention -

The Greenwood Goosechase did help

Sungate Kids - Sungate is a not-for-profit organization serving Arapahoe, Douglas, Lincoln and Elbert counties. Sungate provides child victims of abuse with critically needed services including forensic interviews by specially trained staff, medical evaluations and supervised visitations. With Sungate's help, child victims can begin to heal and recover.

Sidekicks for Sight - Sidekicks for Sight is a volunteer group that raises puppies to be future guide dogs for Guide dogs for the blind. It is their job to see that the pups are raised with good house manners and are socialized to all the environments that they may be exposed to as working guides

Arapahoe Rescue Patrol - Arapahoe Rescue Patrol is a unique organization made of high school students. The patrol aids in search and rescue missions for missing persons and mountain rescues. Members are also trained in emergency care, swift water rescue, avalanche rescue and recovery, evidence search and disaster rescue.

And that my readers is the post ride wrap up and another Greenwood Goosechase notch in my belt.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete.

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Nicole.Ann said...

Hey I just saw your comment on my post about the Greenwood Village Goose Chase. Sorry I never saw that before. Just thought I would say hi. The MS150 was great!! I'm a baby beginner when it comes to biking but I love it. Mainly do it for leisure around town but I definitely know the MS150 is going to become a tradition from now on!! Anywho, have a good day.