Friday, June 06, 2008

The New Calving Table

Greetings Readers

And now for something off the beaten path of life. Today's pictures is the new Calving table that our family bought last month. By the way, I am 1/4 part owner of this. I know, I know, I am actually happy to say that since I usually do not contribute that much our cattle life. And I was sort of pushed / talked into helping purchase this big purchase.

Mother called up one day and said she heard that I was getting a tax refund. I said really? Yep she said. I think it is about $ 600.00. Well, tell you what readers - mom was right. Funny how mothers are almost always right. Well, I knew that I was going to be giving up money to help.

Well, first of all I was not sure who was getting the 600.00 dollars in the U.S. Two - Since I did not have the money nor was expecting the money I did not plan to spend the money. So, I said that if I am getting the money yes I can help out. Again, I did not have any plans to spend the 600.00 dollars from the government.

Yet, I did have money coming back from the income tax filing I did this year. Yet, again I had no plans to spend that money either. I guess there are some things that I want to buy, but I have no real desire to just go and spend the money on what I desire. I thought to never to hear this coming from me, but I did not really need to spend the money. Am I actually becoming money-wise? Well, I have been for the past year to say the least.

I did plan to buy the Playstation 3, which I finally did, but I waited until there was a game that I was waiting to buy (specifically GTA IV or Resident Evil 5). After all, 400 bones for a Playstation 3 was not my idea of a purchase. As opposed to using that amount for something more useful.

Fast forward a month from the phone conversation I had with my mother or was it my mother had with me. I was on the way to Albuquerque to go pick up the new Calving table. I hate to say this, but I was sort of excited to see the new Calving table. I had a mental picture of what the Calving table might looked like since it was described to me. Sorry readers, I never did the research nor looked for a picture to see what a Calving table looked like. All I know it was built for Calves in mind.

We arrived at the place in South Albuquerque where my parent's purchased the Calving table and there it was. Pretty nice and not really what I expected the Calving table to look like. I knew that the table tilted, but I did not have a clue on how the tilting was incorporated / worked on a Calving table.

Boy oh boy after getting the Calving table, then it was a long drive home. And after we got onto the road we could not drive above 39 miles per hour or the Calving table would start to fish tail. So with this in mind the 100 plus mile drive home was longer due to the speed that we could drive at.

It was a long truck ride back to the ranch, but we made it alright. A few Coca colas, some ice cream bars along the way home made the truck ride okay. Thank goodness, that the day was not a scorcher.

We did put the Calving table to the test - Twelve Calves went through the Calving table on the days we did the cattle. At first we had a very hard time since this was a new item for the cattle and that they had never, ever seen this before. The Calves had a hard time, decision, to go through the panels and be ran through the Calving table.

Overall, the Calving table was a lot, a I mean a lot, simpler than doing the way we were before regarding our Calves. Easier to give shots, tag, brand, apply medicine and castrate. By the time that the last Calf was done, the Calving Table looked like it has been on our ranch for years. Cow shit, dirt, blood, mud and sweat covered the Calving Table on the last day of branding - Memorial Day. And that was that.

Changing subjects...

Monfils lost to Federer. Which means that I lost another bet. I knew that this was going to be the outcome, but I took in the fact that Roger has lost more matches this year that he has ever. Two - he was playing a French man at Roland Garros, which means that the French crowd will be behind Monfils. They will still be behind Roger too, but a with Monfils they have something to look forward to cheer and root for. Once more I was listening to the match on Radio Roland Garros. It was a interesting match and towards the end the crowd was getting into the match behind Monfils - Roger too. Monfils did take a set, and was about to, in my opinion, to take another set, but I think that nerves got to him. With Monfils being in the semi's and playing Roger I am sure that those did not help to Monfils to think he could beat Roger - the number one man in the Tennis world. The bet was sort of a sucker bet, but I took in consideration that Monfils did have a slight chance to win - his homeland, his playing style and Roger's win/loss ratio this year, so far.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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