Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Scene of the Accident

Greetings Readers

... and then I sort of rode home pretty slowly since I fell into Mother Earth's arms and onto the ruts. Though I really felt the landing this time. When you fall / crash on a flat surface I usually think nothing of it, but Damn - this time I felt pain. Matter of fact, I can see bruises starting to form on my right outer leg and my left inner leg near the knee cap where I banged my left leg against the bike frame. Ouch.

I really never described my landing, but Damn I thumped the Earth. Since I could not clearly see the ground I had no clue whether or not there was a sharp rut or if there was going to be a rock or hard mud ball waiting for me on point of impact. I never was able to get my foot loose from the pedals. I saw my world go horizontal and I could feel that time went in slow motion on me. I was getting into a fetal position to protect me as much as possible and kept my hands on the handlebar.

The inexperience faller would try and brace for impact, which in could break one's hand, wrist or arm. Even more so a leg injury could be more serious trying to put a leg out for preventing a crash that was going to happen regardless.

I felt the rut clearly hit first and then I felt the side of my body hit the ground. I know that sounds impossible, but I felt that clearly in microsecond it happened. As I stated before I could not see so I could fucking care less about who saw me fall. Whereas if I could see I probably would have looked around and see if there were any witnesses to the crash then got up as quickly as possible.

And should I have seen someone and that person or people laugh at me, so be it. I have no right to call them a "bad word." Nor do I think bad thought about them. I know that there would have been a fifty fifty chance that I too would have laughed and or smiled at someone doing that.

I picked myself up and tried looking at myself with no contacts or glasses on and thought to myself that was a wasted effort. If I can not see how am I suppose to see any real damage to myself. I did feel the pain, but I did not see a red, meaning blood, so I knew that I was semi-okay.

And that my readers was the crash this past week. Pictured are the ruts in question. I think you can make out the size of the rut. This is the rut that cause the accident and the rut that is not pictured is just as the same rut as this one. And that was the rut that I fell on.

In closing, this bike accident could have been prevented if I had worn my contacts or glasses in the first place instead of not doing either. I have no one to blame, but myself. And I know not to assume, but I did and I paid for my assumption for this nasty fall on the dirt bike path.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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