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First Century Ride of the Year

Fucking lost the post - will re-post. fuck me.

Update 07/01/08

Greeting Readers

Well, as you readers can see from that first sentence I lost substantial post writing. I was on a roll typing away and if you regular bloggers know that if you do not stop typing away does not save. So, there I was typing away probably like a meth addict-smoking away with me continuously typing that could not auto save.

Long story short, I did a combo keyboard entry and then the whole post went blank. I quickly stopped typing and then tried clicking on the “dashboard” for returning to the dashboard. Just in case that the auto save was invoked while I was typing away. I guess I was a second too late and the next Fucking thing was I had a blank fucking post. I was and still am fucking pissed OFF!

Motherfucker! I was cussing left and right since I had some pretty good writing. Now, I am going to have to re-write this post from scratch, but not from memory.

Let me restart Readers.

My first century of the year. And not my first century. It is never will I be able to do a century ride. It is whether or not that I want to do a century ride. I have so many century rides under my belt that it is not that whether or not can I do a century ride.

So, this past Sunday I decided to do my first century of the year. Yes. I did check my mileage log on my dining room table and I double-checked and re-checked the mileage log and sure enough I have not a century ride this year – at all. Sort of amazing since I usually have two century rides under my belt by now.

Well, I got Andrea ready for the century ride that I decided to on my own. Sorry readers, most of the time I only do century rides when required – official bike events. Otherwise, I usually keep the mileage that I do un-officially to about 70 miles. I sprint and test myself to other riders on those days I am training.

Unfortunately, I did not remember until the day of the event that the Danskin Women’s Triathlon Series competition was being held at Cherry Creek Reservoir State Park on Sunday. When I remembered it was early Sunday morning approaching Cherry Creek Reservoir.

I am not saying that I hate nor detest that event, but with that event going on the route that I train myself on crosses the official route of the Danskin Event. Oh no, I have no right to complain nor would I. If I have to stop to give right of way, so be it. I have no authority to cross the route pass without checking with the Danskin officials.

This has happen to me in the past and I have made it a rule, my rule, to just avoid Cherry Creek State Reservoir when there is an official sanction event scheduled. If the roles were reversed I would not want a non-competitor crossing the route course.

As I crested the hill I saw the familiar closed sign of the Dam road and then I saw the familiar orange sign indicating that there is an event going on.

With that I decided to take the route outside the State Park and ride on the front face of Cherry Creek Dam.

Now, I was onto the Cherry Creek Trail heading to Downtown Denver. The ride was pretty uneventful for most of the trail. I was cruising and holding a steady pace of 20 mph plus. And yes readers – I was very, very mindful of the trail traffic. I respect all the other people on the trail since they have the same right to the trail that I do.

As I neared Speer and Broadway the Cherry Creek Trail got heavily populated with walkers, runners, bikers, homeless people, Rollerbladers, and kids. This was not unexpected. Since I have been biking for “x” amount of years I knew what to expect and knew what I was going to encounter this time of the year.

You have to be a fucking idiot to think that the Cherry Creek trail belongs to cyclists / bike riders exclusively. Yes, I keep a high mph, but within reason. I brake and watch out for all obstacles on the Cherry Creek Trail. I am required to yield to all foot traffic. Yet, I am one to admit that I keep a high 20 mph ride through and to Confluence Park. I do not cuss anyone should they “block” me from passing.

Now, after 15 miles I reached Confluence Park and I needed to take an alternate route to continue onto my destiny of 100 miles.

When I had to go onto another route I had to pass a couple of riders. The first rider signaled that he was going left…

To be continued...

Perfectly fine that he signaled. Matter of fact, I would not have signaled myself at that particular turnoff. Anyway, he had a riding partner, a woman, behind him. She did not signal to turn, but turned without looking behind her. And yours truly was right behind her about five feet or so. I turned left since I needed to. So, I passed and took the turn wide.

You could have called out that you were passing. thank you"

hat the fuck. I took less than a second to respond.

You should of hand signaled that you were turning left - thank you very much."

I did not hear her response. Do not fucking give me lip if you are doing something "wrong," so to speak. That is the fucking Kettle calling the pot black. Oh no, I was not bother at all, since she was just as wrong as I was not following the bicycle rules.

I quickly put some distance between me and her ? guy? - sure enough he could probably beat me up ;-). I crossed over the South Platte and took a quick break. 20 miles completed - 80 to go.

With that I headed South along the South Platte River. This is part of the South Platte Trail that I do not care for. The trail is narrow in most places, bugs galore that hang around the river. Rollerbladers, wooden bridges that are very slippery when wet, some homeless people under and around the bridges, and more importantly - that little section of the South Platte Trail that is infamous for a radar trap of 15 mph. Nope, I have not gotten a ticket, but I have had friends get ticketed for exceeding the limit near the Aspen Grove area. And the tickets are usually handed out on a Saturday since that is when families and events are held near that area of the Trail.

I try to maintain a 15 mph speed limit, but I have been known to kick it up a notch to 18.9 mph - which is the fastest speed I dare to do.

Anyway, that whole length of the South Platte Trail is really just a hassle for me to deal with, in my opinion. And that is the reason why I avoid that part of Trail riding. I excised the right to ride another route since there is no reasonable excuse for me to give to you readers that does make me sound like an ignorant bicyclist. =).

Though if I was like one of the bicyclist's I read about then perhaps a reason I would give - is that is the only trail to ride on. Well, that is true, but there are streets a plenty and not to mention sidewalks. There is always an alternate route - it would be ignorant to think so one-sided that there is only the Trail to ride on to and from Denver to Chatfield Dam.

I reached the Chatfield Dam. Is it called Chatfield Dam or is Chatfield a State Park. I honestly do not know nor remember. No big deal at all. I only bring this up since me and the people I know always call Chatfield Reservoir as Chatfield Dam. Go figure.

I rode up the Dam's front face for the first time this year. Only two riders were in front of me that I could see. I did catch one as he neared the summit and the other ride was sort of in my reach, but not enough time to close the distance before reaching the top of the Dam.

I rested and took a couple of pictures at the Dam.

Now, it was onto the part of C-470 Trail that I do not like to ride on. Maintenance on this part of the bike trail on C-470 is awful. Most of the bike path from Chatfield Dam to Morrison has the concrete trail cracked. and not little cracks either. The crack runs for the most part down the middle of the bike path. The crack varies from a few centimeters to about two inches wide.

Since, I have not ridden this part of the Trail in two years or so I see that they did pour some black tar into the cracks. Some of the fix looks great, but other parts of the path look like the tar patching did not help at all.

Yet, the best part of this C-470 Trail is that this is the climb. My time to shine once more. Basically, I/we are at the base of the Rocky Mountains and starting the ride up the foothills. I love seeing a rider in the distance. It gives me an incentive to ride the rider(s) down. My forte.

I was all business until I was crossing over 285. I was at the south side of Bear Creek Lake Park. I took a couple more pictures and then got myself moving. This was also the first time that I saw a team, a cycling team, of about 9 riders biking/training together. They were riding in the opposite direction and thought nothing of them.

Well, it has been about three years since riding in the Bear Creek Lake Park and I thought I remembered the route to bike through the park. Nope. I did a mile circle and ended up where I did not want to be. So, I had to re-ride where I just rode five minutes ago. And just like Bugs Bunny would say "I knew I should have took that left turn at Albuquerque" since it was a left turn that I should have made instead of a right turn.

Bear Creek Lake was uneventful, besides the wrong turn. I climbed out of the park on the Eastern side of the park. Now, I have to remember all the turns through the BCT (Bear Creek Trail) system. I was confident, but also weary on making another wrong turn. I did make it out of the portion of the BCT that had many turns.

Soon, I was near Federal, but in reality I thought I had traveled to the mountainous slopes of Peru. Or some mountain slopes that contain goats. There were about 100 goats in a pen. I can not even remember even seeing that many goats in an area like that. I think, that the goats were eating all the weeds in an area that perhaps someone was being kind to the environment. Meaning, not using a mower, but using animals. Then again what do know about goats. Oh I know. Do not bend over in front of a goat by giving the goat a bull's eye target (your ass)to use their head for hitting. Oh yes, I have seen that happen. And many goats are tempted - perhaps a genetic trait. hah hah.

I soon reached the South Platte Trail and this time I was heading North back to Confluence Park. Again, the ride was uneventful. I was getting tired by this portion of my 100 mile route.

Once I got to Confluence Park I rested for about 30 minutes or so. Taking in some major Hotties that had some bikinis to make the male imagination go wild. I took a breather on the Northwestern side of the park.

I mounted the bike and proceeded to take the Cherry Creek Trail back to Cherry Creek State Park. As I neared Lincoln I decided I was going to stop by Turin Bicycles and see what they have on stock.

I saw nothing of interest, though a bike jersey did catch my eye to purchase in the future. I have to think about whether or not do I really need this bike jersey.

After about 10 minutes or so I was on the Cherry Creek Trail once more. I noticed that I was tired since there were more riders passing me by. As opposed to me passing them by.

As I got near Havana Road, I decided to make another rest stop for Powerade and a Coca-Coca. I think I mismanaged my electrolytes since the past 5 miles I felt I was starting to bonk. I rested for about 15 minutes outside the Gas station - enjoying my Gatorade and Coca-Cola - both of which were cold and refreshing. I could feel the cool liquid in my stomach.

I once more got onto the Cherry Creek Trail and knew there were two climbs that I was not looking forward to do at this portion of my bike ride. I was exhausted and knew the two hills I had to climb were going to be tough. The first one is short and a bit steep, but in the condition I was feeling at that time I knew that it was going to be chore. Well, the drinks and rest break I took helped me to climb that first hill.

Now, the second hill climb is right after going under 225. The Trail goes up steeply for about 30 yards then perhaps a 3/4 gradual climb to the Dam road. I did good, but I had to drop several gears into the easier gears before riding this hill.

The ride through Cherry Creek State Park was good. The Danksin was over. This was also the first comment I got all day on my Southpark bike jersey - "I like your jersey." as she passed me by.

That motivated me to ride like I just first started late this morning. Soon, I caught and passed her by. I reached the Southern entrance of Cherry Creek State Park and I was at 90.20 miles. I had to find 10 miles in order to reach 100 miles. And from the entrance of the Park to where I live is about 5 1/2 miles so technically I had to find 5 more miles. I did look at the odometer and I saw that it took me 6 hours and 4 minutes to ride 90.20 miles - average speed 14.9 mph.By the time I got home - 100.47 miles at the average speed of 14.7 mph. And that was that.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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