Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Day - Last Day

Greetings Readers

Destiny? Fate ? Who knows, but I guess I will know the answer in the next 24 hours.

I do not know why that I have been taking so many pictures this week. There should not be any reason to do so. I do realize that I have also been posting a lot more pictures of this and that on my blog site. I did state that I would not post a lot of pictures on my posts, but I felt I needed to share some of these pictures. Granted, they probably mean nothing to you, but to me they are just a moment in my life caught on camera.

Yet, perhaps I just want to show off my new purchases to anyone =). I guess I am actually quite proud of the new stuff that I got in the past week coming back from vacation. Today's picture is me and Rebecca and the new Popeye's Bike jersey.

I guess, I need to get caught up on one subject. Only a select few knew what transpired last Sunday in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That is/was the day that officially starts me off on my biking season. This is the first event that starts me biking "for reals." Unfortunately, due to the branding and all the other work associated to branding I was unable to participate in the Santa Fe Century. I was just a bit sad, but I knew that this was a big possibility that I would not be riding at all and I was prepared for that.

Anyway, the day was beautiful, sunny and in the high 80's low 90's. I did bow my head in remembrance of HeartBreak Hill and I thought I could hear the bitch's anger from me showing her up on our last meeting (Link to my Santa Fe 2004 Santa Fe Century journal

nd here is an except from that journal

...Mile 37.79 - (Approx.) - Readers, you pretty well can guess the outcome of this battle. Daryl is still smiling and laughing at another victory in the mountains of New Mexico. With all the laughing and talking at the top of the hill among the bike riders, you can not hear the “bitch” scream in rage. With her giving him a blowout she thought she well-had her victory in hand. Little did she know that she picked the wrong cyclist to fuck with on this particular Sunday in May.“I made it to the top - a-gain! This time with a flat tire!”...

I can almost recollect this day once more to a "T." Anyway, I know the Bitch is waiting for my return to the Santa Fe Century and to show me up for pissing her off. And the sad thing for me - this particular "bitch" will be patiently waiting for my return since she will be here til the end of time.

Changing subjects - I finally bought a camera case for my digital camera. I know readers - took me long enough to get a case for the camera. Nothing fancy - a little red case made by Tamrac and I bought at Mike's Camera for roughly 10 bones.

Next subject - Oh yes, before I left for vacation, well two hours before I left for vacation I headed over to Best Buy and bought another PS3 game. I had decided to take the PS3 on vacation with me - hoping that I will have time to play some GTA IV. I decided to buy - "The Orange Box." I am loving the new game

Update 05/31/08 - 1:51 PM - I just found out my "destiny / fate." Registration is Closed. A bit sad, but at least I will have the money I set aside for that to spend on something else. Yet, I will not get to blog about on Monday that I did 152 miles on Sunday =(.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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