Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday's Quick Topics

Greetings Readers

I got busy yesterday. I really do not have that much time to really to get into a topic fully for today's blog.

I want mention that a beagle won "the Best of Show" at the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. I am not mad, nor happy, just indifferent. I am not a judge nor would I have any clue to determine what the "best" dog would have been that night. Yes - pictured on today's blog is the "best of show" winner.

Nip/Tuck - My gosh what a season. And the season finale is next Tuesday. I am going to have to buy a nice thirty dollar Cabernet for that night. Nothing really special, per se, but we may be... Oops, I do not want to give anything away nor do I want to tell you readers what I saw on the commerical for next week. Oh, an up and down season, but better than last season to a certain degree.

I think that the weather may have broken the 60 degree mark today. Very warm and I oh so love wearing my bandanna on my head (as opposed to my stocking cap), my fingerless biking gloves (as opposed to my thinsulate gloves) and my biking shorts (as opposed to my tight long biking pants) and wearing one bandanna (as opposed to 3 bandannas on my body). I just dis-like wearing so much clothing. I want to be as near naked as I can be. Only kidding. But I am sure that readers understand that I want to show off those well defined (and spectacular) thighs! Oh Baby!

Coming up this weekend I have scheduled myself for one running event, but I want to do two. One on Saturday and one on Sunday. The one on Saturday - HRCA Fat Saturday 5k -is located in the Highlands ranch Area and Sunday's event - PACE President's Day 5k - is held where the past two weeks of running events I have been in - Wash Park.

The time to find a "Valentine" to woo is about over for me. I did not find one.... well I did not act upon the two that I was thinking about. I do not think I will either. Not a problem. Of course, there was nothing I said I needed to find a valentine, but I was trying. But, I was not doing a desperate search for someone. I did pick up a card so just in case I get some crazy thoughts in the morning or if something should come up before I go to bed tonight. You never know readers.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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