Thursday, February 21, 2008

Melissa Mollet - Light Rail Station

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I know, I know - The "Nautica Incident", my post of that blogger being "Sideswiped", my first biking accessories and the Ironman Hawaii 2008 all have yet to be addressed by me. I am going to try and make a real effort tonight.

And the new topic for today - Melissa Mollet - from FOX news local here in Denver. I got up pretty early since I went to bed semi-early. I saw that there was an issue with the Light Rail on the route that I take when I do take Light Rail. But - that's not the point - I saw Melissa Mollet. I have a "TV crush" on her since she is one of the better looking (not to mention - more intelligence) than the women news reporters on local TV.

I recognzied (know) the particular Light Rail station she was at and right there in my living room I decided to go see her in real person. Not meaning to actually to meet her, but just to see her with my own eyes. I got dressed as soon as possible and got biking. And did I ever dress fast =).

While biking on the way to the Light Rail station I saw a traffic accident and I did take some pictures. Just in case one of the drivers decides to make it a "Hit and Run" and I needed to be a witness. Though - for a price! I'm nice, but not that nice! I can be bought for the right price and the right offer. Wink wink. Hey, you never know readers, my photograph(s) could be easily deleted from my digital camera and my memory could go blank unless I get paid. "Nothing going on but the rent" a phrase I heard on a movie, I think.

I did not dally too long at the scene of the accident, since I was on a mission to go see Melissa Mollet. As I was nearing the RTD Light Rail Station I could see that the TV antenna (from the mobile van) was still extended into the sky so I knew that she was there. I biked even faster knowing that time was against me in this case. As I exited the parking garage onto the loading area I saw Melissa in the distance and the TV camera at the other end of the loading area. I biked along the track sort of out of the way, but still making myself being seen on camera. After I biked past the range of the camera I turned around and then took out the camera and snapped a couple of pictures of Melissa Mollet. Granted, she is bundled up, but I could still see what I see what I like about her.

No, I am not a "stalker" but today I made it a mission to go see her in real life. She is apparently married. And I am not "taken" with her, but she is better looking than the rest of the local news caster. And a whole lot smarter/better than that Angie Austin (Channel 2 news). If you want to laugh just see Angie in action. This blonde does fit the stereotype blonde - fucking dumb - matter of fact dumber than dumb.

Side Note: Years ago - Angie was interviewing Reggie and it was a question and answer interview. Then, Reggie has said something to the effect "I like Opie Gone Bad." Angie did not miss a beat (That sentence did a fly by). Angie leans forward and in a sort of whispering voice and something to the effect "I too like when Opie goes bad" or something very similar to that. Point being - Angie did not have a fucking clue that "Opie Gone Bad" was a music group. I think, Angie thought perhaps Opie Gone Bad was a reference to the Andy Griffith Show and Ron Howard as Opie, being bad. Anyway, after Angie said that the look from Reggie was priceless. Since this was on the morning news Reggie did not correct her, but just let it go, but his look was just so priceless. I shook my head and further cemented the fact that Angie is dumb.

Another Side Note: In my opinion - Angie's whole fucking body blocks the blue screen that shows all the temperatures and days showing the temps. She goes from one side of the screen to the other side and by then the screen has changed to another graphic. But during the whole time she is being shown in front of the blue screen she takes up 1/3 of the screen. Meanwhile, we never get to the see the entire screen graphics since she/someone changes to the next screen - sunset, sunrise, highs, lows, city temps, state temps, etc. This could be a whole subject in itself. Though, I do not watch Channel 2 news anymore since Dan Daru left (with his wife Wendy) to Channel 31 FOX news and Angie taking up the 1/3 of the weather screen and her mundane comments and fake laugh.

Pictured on today's post - is Melissa Mollet with me taking the picture. Isn't she just adorable? Hah hah. I guess I can cross that off my list "of things to do before I die"

By the readers - this is my opinion and by no means I am saying that this is what is being shown to the word. I know what I see and this is how I am interrepting what I see and hear. You can watch for yourself, if you are in Colorado, and make your own judgement.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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