Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Greetings Readers

I guess the good thing about not having a Valentine is actually worrying about what to get her. Albeit - Candy, clothing(there lack of), dinner, jewelry, etc. I have money in my pocket (not to mention that savings account, IRA account and 401k. Hah hah. Yet, on the downside Mr. C will not be "getting any". Be as it will. There is always tomorrow. Now, I can let this holiday lie dormant for another year.

There was a bunch of new snow (5 inches or so) on the ground this morning and guess who decided to "Kiss the Earth" this morning. Oh yes, I went down, but luckily I did not fall down in front of the whole world. It is funny - I fell and the first thing was I got up and looked around to see if anyone saw me. Nope. Nada. Zilch. I was smiling, but said "Shit" and brushed off the snow of my overcoat.

Just announced the new trailer for the Indiana Jones movie this may. I like. The first part of the trailer recaps the first three movies and Indy did. Then, the second part of the trailer does show the new movie. I like. And yes, I laughed when.... well let me say when he was swinging in some sort of warehouse and the aftermath. That's "Doctor Jones" for you. And me! I think the link is and then locate the link for the trailer.

I did not ride my bike this morning, nor could I since I do not have my mountain bike anymore. Today is a day that I really wished I did have a mountain bike. The road bike would not have worked for me due to my biking route and where I know that riding on my road bike would be futile.

Nope - I did not consider running to work this morning just due to the heavy accumulating of snow and I would not be able to see the ground and what may be hiding beneath the new snow.

I did see a smoking transformer box at the I-25 and Arapahoe intersection.

I am almost done with reading the book "No Country for Old Men" It is a good book and the movie did follow the book to almost a tee. Some difference and some left out of the movie. The book was enjoyable, but not the style of when the characters are speaking. The author does not use quotes nor really reference regularly who talking during a conversation.

And lastly - I went to the liqour store last night and lo and behold my favorite beer was in the cooler. It is a seasonal brand and I am thinking it was still too early for this "Spring" microbrew to be released. Yet - there it was and I immediately picked up a six pack without looking any further. Oh, a heavenly taste it was last night. What? Oh it is made by Redhook and the microbrew beer is called Copperhook.

By the way readers - Redhook is definitely a microbrew beer that you would want to try. Nothing exotic like strawberry, Chocolate, etc. But you will find distinct taste between the different variety of Redhooks available - Winterhook, ESB, Blackhook (or was that Black Porter), Blonde, and I am sure there is a couple more. ESB was my first and I still love my first. I love winterhook, but the window is slowly closing until next season.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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