Friday, February 15, 2008

Time for the Weekend

Greetings Readers

Here is a picture of the first six pack of Copperhook beer that I bought in the new year 2008. This is far the best, but Winterhook is just so close in second place. And even a tight third place is ESB and Blackhook is fourth. Yet, I still can not decided confidently. Anyway, I put my first bottle in the freezer to get the microbrew icy cold and when I pulled it out 20 minutes later it was oh so smooth

I have to say that today was the first time in about three weeks or so that I have been to "the CAC" (Colorado Athletic Club). I was unsure on how to workout today. Yet. Today was the 15th so that meant I was able to take a friend to the club for free. I took my co-worker who also works out, but at the 24 hour fitness club. And that would be "Bobbie Rae" I might have told you readers, but Bobbie Rae can only afford the 24hour fitness club, and definitely not "the CAC".

I was not really motivated when we were going to the club, but I did say that I would take Bobbie Rae to the CAC on the 15th of the month, each month I have the membership. I forgot my workout log book so I was just going by instinct. I did okay on some, but others I was sort of struggling. Yet, I felt on other machines I know I was doing better (at least reps and not struggling). Bobbie Rae did some treadmill then did some machines. I just focused on the machine work.

Finally Friday. I have been feeling kind of wierd. Not sure how to tell you readers. I would not say moody, but just different.

I with that I am going to end this post and see what will be in store for tomorrow.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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