Sunday, February 17, 2008

The President's Day 5k

Greetings Readers

This has now become the third week that I have started this new ritual of running a 5k in Wash Park in Denver, Colorado.

As you can see this pciture was taken in the same place as the other two pictures from the past two Sundays in Greenwood Village Area. Yet, from last week and 10 minutes later than last week it was 12 degrees cooler

Just before I left the house at 8:00 AM the snow was falling and the wind was blowing so it looked like a blizzard outside. Yet, by the time that I got outside the snow had all, but dissappeared. The wind had a bite and it was blowing pretty good in from the North.

I arrived at Wash Park just before 9AM for the President's Day 5k. Boy oh boy I was cutting time very close to not participating. I was cold, but not as cold as I was two weeks ago at the start of the Super Bowl 5k. I was feeling and hearing the wind and I knew that this wind was not going to relent by the time that we runners started the race.

The turn out of runners looked pretty good this Sunday morning that turned out for the cold and windy morning. I did not get a T-shirt since the event ran out of T-shirts by the time that I showed up to register. I placed my name and address on the clipboard and so I guess that they will mail me a T-shirt. My $ 30.00 T-shirt.

Fast forward to the end of the race. Wait - I was... er am still sore from the workout Bobbie Rae and I had on Friday. Mainly the bottom portion of my arms, my pecs and more importantly, my inner thighs. I really worked the inner and outer thigh muscles when I worked out on Friday. And I was feeling the tightness mainly in the inner thighs. Other than that I also had a slight injury to the kneecap and out right leg when I fell down on my bike while riding down the side of a grassy hill that I had no snow, but forgot that did not mean that the ground was wet and when I was riding down on the hill in the evening I forgot that the water freezes at night. Well, I hit a grassy,icy spot that had some frozen water and that was that. I fell, but I really did not fall that hard. I sort of was preparing the impact when I was going to "Kiss the Earth". I did do good, but really cursed at myself not really expecting that the grassy ground could be icy.

Back to the race, I have a time on my watch that say 24:01, but I know that may be off 15 to 30 seconds. My race number was/is # 3217 and I think I placed 37th, but I do not know. The event did not post the times and everyone was leaving right away so the awards happened quick and the next thine you know everyone was leaving. Not all of the walkers had not even finished and all of us runners had left. No sense waiting for nothing when the body was cooling off the wind still blowing pretty hard and the temperature was not even up a degree, I bet.

I did meet a runner that was from Las Vegas, New Mexico today. He was only in town for the weekend and he wanted to a longer mile race, but the only event in town was basically this 5k. And I think that you readers may know what I did ask him. Come on. "No Country for Old Men" since the movie was partially filmed/shot in that location. He said yes, the bridge, the plaza, and used some extras from the high school in the Las Vegas area.

I think, I better come clean and this is something I need to confess to you readers. I did something that I do not do. Period. I would consider this a cardinal sin, in my humble opinion and book.

This week and two weeks ago I was okay right after the 5k races. But as soon as my body cooled down and my heart rate returned to normal I got cold. Very cold. I was sitting on my gloves on the concrete barrier, with the sweat in my jacket starting to get cold. Anyway, I saw the Starbucks coffee table in the distance and I knew there was some warm/hot coffee in that dispenser. I got up and started walking to the table in the distance. There were other people there using sugar, half and half, sweetner and whatever else goes with coffee. When my turn came to at the front of the line I grabbed a paper cup and proceeded to get a cup of coffee - 3/4 of a cup full. Well, more than that 3/4 cup of coffee. A cup of hot liquid. I took my first sip of coffee since 1996 and I was immediately warmed up. I could literally feel the liquid coffee running down my throat into my stomach. The liquid along the way warmed up my upper body from the chilling cold. I only had a cup of coffee two weeks ago and today I only had one cup of coffee. I had to readers. I would not say that I was weak, but I was desperate to get warm. near the finish line in Wash Park there is no wind barrier to stand behind and basically it is just open space.

However, I want to assure to you readers that I have not acquired the taste of coffee. I did appreciate the warmth that it gave to my body, but I still could not make coffee a drink for me. Today, I put a packet of sugar in there, though there was nothing to stir the sugar into the coffee so the top half of the coffee was the same taste I had two weeks ago. But as I got to the bottom of the cup I could taste the sweetness and that was when I threw the rest of the coffee away. Yuck. I am not sure what the sugary taste did or did not do. Or perhaps I added too much. I do not know. I am going to label this "Coffee Incident" as desire, but in the total opposite direction of desire.

Once again - I a-po-gize (as someone I know says the word "apologize") for not turning out to my faithful Sunday crowd for my regular Sunday Morning Ritual. Though it did occur to me to go out before I left for Washington Park, but I did not want to get cold until I absolutely had to.

Note: I did not do the HRCA race in Highlands Ranch since apparently registration for non-Highland ranch residents closed at noon on Friday. That was/is Fucked up. Well, to look at it from my point of view - I saved $ 35.00 dollars.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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