Monday, February 04, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Greetings Readers

I guess I need to tell you readers the rest of my Sunday. After coming home from the Super Bowl 5k I made myself a breakfast - fit for a King. Not that I would know what a Breakfast meal would comprise of for a King.

I made some Hash Browns, Biscuits, Fried Eggs and Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage. Everything was good, but after taking the first bite that was all I wanted to eat. Screw the rest of the meal I wanted only the Jimmy Dean Hot Sausages. I made them perfect yesterday morning. Nice and soft, with just a bit of crunch on the outside. I made four or five and yes readers I ate all five of them. I finished one egg, some hash brown and one biscuit. And to top that off a nice can of Vanilla Coca-Cola.

Fast forward - in the evening I decided to go see the movie "There Will Be Blood" with Daniel Day-Lewis and I also had decided to see the movie at a new movie theatre that was built in the Denver Tech Center (DTC). The Landmark Theatre, which is related to the Esquire and Mayan theatre chain. It was a very nice theatre and nice ambiance.

Free popcorn and fountain drink with the purchase of your ticket. Granted, the bargain shows are 9.00 and the non-bargain shows are 12.00, which still in my opinion is better than paying bargain price at a theatre and then buying popcorn and a drink which could easily cost you 15.00 to 20.00 dollars. In my opinion this was a very good deal.

I almost forgot to mention pay an extra 2.00 dollars and you can sit in the VIP section. I almost did, but I wanted to see the other seats first before I see what I may pay for. VIP in a movie theatre may not be all that.

Now, I knew nothing of the movie except Daniel Day-Lewis was the main character. Daniel Day-Lewis is an outstanding actor. He plays the spectrum and I will basically see any movie that he stars in. I did not see any trailers since I had no tv. I did not read anything about the movie since I read no paper (except the Sunday Paper). And more importantly, I think the movie went mainstream after opening in the small theatres. Of course the 8 nominations for an Academy Award probably helped the movie to open in larger theatres.

Long story short I just did not want to go to the 1 theatre it was playing at here in Denver so I have been waiting and waiting and I finally saw in the paper that the movie is now playing at 10 to 15 theatres when I looked in the paper yesterday.

"There Will Be Blood" was a very good movie, but in my opinion, the movie will not outdo "No Country For Old Men" for Best Picture. Though Best Actor would have to go to Daniel.

I am not going to give any specific information on the movie in case you readers go see the movie. The clothing, sets, and period the movie took placed in was perfect. Excellent. In the movie credits I see that this movie was shot in Texas.

Alright, one thing, I think it was about 5 to 10 minutes before the first word of dialogue was uttered. Not impressive nor even close to "2001: A Space Odyssey", but was a pretty good try to no dialogue. The music score was heavy (as opposed to "No Country For Old Men") and fit the scenes very well.

Okay - I lied - skip this paragraph if you do not want any information about one scene in the movie. I am not giving away anything, but just telling you readers the scene that I loved. If there was part of the movie I liked it was the church scene when Daniel was getting "Baptized" Daniel was perfect to a T not to mention that he took in all accounts of why he was doing this and who was doing this and he was not going to forget this. Wow.

The Piano score in the movie fit perfectly and offset the harsh music score of "uh-oh, something bad is gonna happen" scenes.

And here are the official results of yesterday's race at Washington Park - Denver, Colorado

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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