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Happy Chinese New Year 2008

Greetings Readers

(continued)... Rat.

Happy New Year. That's Happy Chinese New Year. The year of the rat and also the start of the 12 year cycle of the chinese calender.

The Chinese New Year is just any other day, but yet I feel a sort of connection to the day. Probably because I have almost the complete sets of USPS stamps that were issued for the 12 year Chinese Calendar. I think, I missing the year of the dog and rabbit. And that is the real reason why I celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year. Not to mention there is this restaurant that is located down the road that has the Annual Chinese New Year tradition and I love going and celebrating when I can at that restaurant.

Thank goodness I was unable to ride yesterday since the winds that were blowing in the Denver area were "ugly" to say the least. Straight hard, blow wind. Crosswinds, when the structures made that possible. Blowing snow and boy it hurt my face and eyes when I saw the wind blow snow everywhere. The, the snow that melted during the day well all that water had turned to a sheet of ice by the time I made my way home. I had to walk about 2 miles last night and that was long, cold walk. I had my Natalie Merchant stocking cap, my long thick overcoat and two scarfs. Still, with my hands in my pocket the cold wind was freezing my hands and coins in my overcoat pocket. My hands were tingling when they moved on their own or if brushed up against my body/coat. I could not run nor could I wait for a bus since the bus route only has the bus running once an hour and I missed that time frame by five minutes, I bet.

And that was the evening trip home from work.

Oh yes. the underwear. I have a few Nautica Competition underwear brand that I wear every now and then. I love them or I desire them when one catches my eye. Anyway, I love the brand, since you know that I am a name brand wh-re. Secondly, they look good, I think, on me. And third, the women that have bestowed their eyes upon them like them too. Oh yes.

Anyway, I met this woman, girl, a while back and well the last time I remember I had them on when I saw her last. Since then I was doing laundry about two weeks ago when I discovered that I am missing/could not find that one unique, particular pair of Nautica underwear I love.

Yes. Sure did. I tore my humble abode apart. I checked the laundry bin, the laundry machine, the dryer, behind & under the machines. I checked the couch and even pulled off all the pillows and pads and did not see any Nautica underwear stuffed between the cushions. I checked my bad and pulled off all the blankets to make sure that the Underwear was not caught up somewhere in the blankets.

Nothing. Next, I checked my all my clothes and yes there are a lot of clothes. I pulled off every button down dress shirt and checked each sleeve to make sure that the underwear did not get stuck in the sleeve. I did the same with the pants. Nothing. Then, I did not want to but, but had to. I had to check all my tshirt and misc shirts to make sure that I did not fold any of those shirts with the underwear in them. And there are about seven times the amount of "just" shirts as opposed to dress button down shirts. Oh it sucked, but I had to be sure. In my case, I had to find this pair of underwear.

And before all this I did check my underwear. And yes I have a lot of underwear all types and shapes and colors. You name it I probably got. So, I had to dump all the underwear in the middle of the floor and start from there. Making about 15 plus piles of underwear on the floor. I checked the socks drawer, just to be safe.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Next, was the towel closet. I had inherited a lot of towels from my parents and I do have a lot. So, I took each and every towel and re-washed each towel. One - that makes sure that I checked each towel before washing and two I re-checked the towels that came out of the dryer to make sure I missed nothing since I had to fold the towels before putting away. Next, was the bed and pillow case covers.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. For about a week and a half I was searching and searching and leaving no place untouched in my humble abode. By the end of the week and a half - I knew they were gone. Just not here. And I kept thinking when was the last time I wore and tookoff. Now, the looking was an obsession. I needed to know where they are.

This Nautica underwear is not just an ordinary pair of underwear. This baby cost me a pretty penny, if I remember correctly, about 38.00 dollars. It was not like the Walmart 3 pack bikini briefs for 8.oo dollars I buy every now and then. Sort of close to Jockey's price, but not really - quality wise - yes.

Oh, I got to go, but at least that gives you part of the back story. To be continued.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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