Saturday, February 16, 2008

Me & My Bike Odometers

Greetings Readers

That is just a picture of two of the 17 bike odometers that I have mounted on my bikes. Most of my bikes have two odometers, but a couple of my bikes have only one odometer.

I need to have two odometers. Mainly to accurately maintain and measure my mileage. I have been burned too many times in the beginning of my cycling career by having just one odometer. The magnet gets turned around, slips, rubs or something else. From some point in the past I knew that I had to invest into 2 bike odometers on each bike. The other need for having two odometers is being analytical (anal) about the odometers. Being perfect and accurate as possible.

Since the first time I placed on two odometers I have been proudly doing it. I have had no total failure with both, but definitely had failure with the left odometer. Which is the case on all my bikes. I can not figure out why. Could it be something with being a right handed person? Or else it is just odds? I do not know.

This particular picture was taken earlier this week. As you can see the odometer on the right is the first one that I put on the bike. Currently at 7,405.1 miles. I would say that is accurate within 100 miles since being on the bike. No battery changes and this has all been done in three years... well four this year. The left odometer was put on 300 or 400 miles later. I did not have the money to buy both odometers at the time so I had to wait until the following payday.

Excess? Nope. I do have a set plan and route I do and yes I know the route down to the tenth of the mile. But, perhaps that one day I decided to go off the beaten path. That's where I set the odometer to measure the distance from that point and to where ever I end up. So, the next time should I go that additional route I will know the exact mile I will be adding to my bike route.

Also, should I reach where ever I am going I sometimes get the urge to set another odometer to start the mileage from that point. I know from that point I am going home and I will be going home the easiest way. Not necessarily the quickest way, but the easiest way.

By the way readers, I only buy the odometers that can have two mileage counters going. And yes I do prefer Cat's eye and will only buy with the wires(cables). I have had heard some stories about the wireless and I do not want to go that route nor would I have such uncertainity with going wireless. I know some of you readers/cyclist would swear up and down going wireless, but I will not. I also have to say that I buy the odometers made for mountain bikes. To me, I think, they are made much more stronger, made to last.

I think that is really about all I can say about bike odometers. Wait! Fuck yeah - I get such a rush when I see that odometer roll into the 90 miles range and I am about to hit the century mark. Seeing that one hundred is just so cool. Even better when I write the mileage in my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit yearly planner.


And such a fucking thrill. Woo Hoo!

I guess I better do my first century ride this month then.

Last words - The Riches - Premieres March 18. I do not have a clue on how the situation at the end of the last season will get resolved. I just do not know.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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