Friday, February 01, 2008

31 days of Oscar - TCM

Greetings Readers

I was looking back on my blog post one year ago and I see that I had purchased my first and only DVD recorder. One year. I did use for the first few months, but then I would have to say that I have not used the recorder regularly for about 5 months or so. Yes, that long.

Don't get me wrong I love the DVD recorder, but I just have no desire to start recording. Though I did put some shows on DVD.

Today is the start of the 31 days of Oscar on Turner Classic Movies. I love this time of the year. I have a month of Oscar movies, the Chinese New Year, Black History Month and one more item (Sorry readers I can not mention, but it is not Valentine's Day).

I am sure that I mentioned this before, but I love watching the "best" movies that have won the Award. And there are some very good ones that I have not seen yet. For example, I wanted to see the Treasure of Sierra Madra, but I did not find out that this movie was going to be shown today. What? Well, by sheer accident, one of the people I deal with at work had mentioned this movie "we don't need no stinkin badges" yesterday. Which I automatically said Blazing Saddles. I was right, but he said I was wrong. Well, I got technical with him by saying you did not specify where the movie line originally came from. So, I was right. He said I need to see and by gosh there was my chance.

I will try to keep you readers entertained on some of the movies that I will watch this month.

Back to biking, winter biking. Biking in the winter is a different biking in itself. As I have previously mentioned some of the hazards of biking - Black ice and snow. There is another aspect to biking with the snow and black ice. Where to ride my road bike (with those 700 x 23 tires).

You can not just pick a route to bike. The snow melts turns to ice. The snow also hardens after a day or so. The snow freezing on the road making riding a bit hazardous since the snow and ice have frozen on the blacktop/asphalt/concrete. So, I have to be mindful of that.

My point is - I have to make my route where the sun is shining and where I think the sidewalks have been shoveled/plowed. Riding in the street is really not an option during the peak times of the day. I do not feel safe riding in the street as opposed to the gutter. Riding in the gutter is impossible. The snow is there, as well as the ice, ice chunks, and that magnesium tetrachloride.

I zig and I zag, but more importantly I am riding on the sidewalk where I feel more safe. At one point I eventually get onto the road. Which where I get on all the traffic is going into Denver and the direction I am going there is hardly any traffic at all. Which means I have less to worry about on a vehicle passing me every two seconds.

I also have to avoid the areas that I know are being shaded/in shade. No sunlight. There is no way that I will be riding in that area. I also know that these areas have not be shoveled. I know that the snow is hard. And any footprints made would hinder my bike riding through that area much more difficult. Yes you guess right readers - I bike on the South and West sidewalks of the streets. Where the sun shines the most. I rarely get to ride on the North and East side of the road.

Footprints in the snow after a night freezes solid overnight and when I try riding through an area with footprints I have to be extra careful and not get my tires turned the slightest way or else I will "Kiss the Earth"

Bike Trails are pretty well off limits until I feel that the sun has melted most of the snow from the bike path -whether it be ground or blacktop.

I guess that is about I can say for the first entry of February.

Note: I goofed readers on yesterday's blog - it is the Flintstones and not Flinstones as I had spelled on my post yesterday. I am going back to fix the error and every "t" will show the correction. I know that I do not have to do this, but since I know this I now have to correct. And the word is not like listed once. It is listed throughout the post. Urgh. And yes that is a not a very good picture of the Flintstone stop I do in the winter.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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