Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Valentine's Day 5k

Greetings Readers

As you can see from the blog picture the temperature this Sunday is 8 degrees higher at the same time last Sunday (plus or minus 10 minutes). I could already tell the difference from being outside in the twenties as opposed to the teens last week. If you are seasoned athlete or perhaps just outside during these times of cold weather then you to know that there is big difference between the twenties and teens. Also, I had no thoughts of turning around and going back home.

oday was the Valentine's Day 5k in Washington Park (aka Wash Park for short) here in Denver, Colorado. This 5k event benefits the Kipture Primary School Building & library Foundation. My racing number was 2514.

"This non-profit foundation was created in 2003. This rural school, located near Kapsabet, Kneya was built in the 1940's, teaches without the benefit of a library, school kitchen or electricity. Over 400 students attend the school and prepare for high school in site of these adverse conditions. The foundation is currently focused on raising $ 10,000 in install window glass in the classrooms and to refinish several roofs on the classrooms. The kitchen is now completed as well as the library. A generator now provides power."

I sported a different jacket this time since I knew the weather was going to be in the twenties. The other jacket that I use has a bit of insulation so I use that when the weather is cold or if I have to ride in the dark. Pretty reflective that green and black adidas with white stripes on the jacket. I also wore a different pair of sneakers.

do not think that there were as many people as last week, but I can not be sure. I saw a lot more running shorts and non-jackets, which indicates that the weather is warmer. I just know that I was warmer.

nce more let me fast forward to the end of the race. I think that my un-official time is 7:58 per mile - if I can remember from memory I think 24:40 was my time. I can not remember my time from last Sunday, but I think I am eight seconds slower. I think I know the reason why. As I mentioned there were not a lot of people and I think I did not have a lot of people in my time bracket, which meant I had no one to set a pace with. I had a couple of people in front of me, but I could quite close the distance until the very end of the race when I was just one second behind the runner I was trying to catch. Fucking A! I almost caught him at the end. If only I had started out just a bit earlier. I was running like I wanted to win, but as with other runners he too was running what he had left at the end of the race.

I always account for that, but perhaps I just misjudged him. I saw him lose his "pacer" towards the three mile mark and that was when I knew he was running out of gas. When I see that from any runner that is when I set a maniacial pace in order to get some places from others. I do want to place higher than other people and towards the end of any race I will kick on the jets and run. Run baby run. I was just so close.

A second. Just one second is what seperated me from 19th place to 18th place on the men's bracket. Age bracket I do not have a clue until they ( post the official results later on Sunday.

I did start out slow since I was trying to pace myself with a couple of runners I thought were keeping the same pace, but it was not to be. I lost them at the half mile mark and not to mention I lost some time keeping pace with them.

Also the other factor that I was losing my bike/racing belt. Apparently, I must be losing weight/fat around the waist. As I was completing the last mile my racing/biking belt was starting to slip/fall below my waist. Several times I slowed down to pull up my racing belt. Finally, I took off my thinsulate gloves and slipped them in between my belt and body and sure enough that did the trick, but I only had a half mile or so left and I lost many precious seconds fiddling with my bike/racing belt falling below my waist.

As I turned the final corner I looked behind me and saw that no one was even near me so I had a straight shot to the finish line and the only person I had to worry about was right in front of me. I tried, but there is no try. I did make move, but did not quite catch him at the end. Yoda would be bowing his head in sadness for me.

r. perhaps it was the eight degrees difference from last week that made me eight seconds slower.

Once more I had a breakfast made for a King. Basically, I cooked the rest of the Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage (cooked perfectly), made more hash browns (browned perfectly with onions), made scrambled eggs (with onions also), I made the rest of the biscuits (but threw them away) and to top that off I had two pieces of pork chops (only ate one). I had one of the drinks that was given away at the Valentine's Day 5k race. Yummy. I can not remember the name but it is half and half - half lemonade and half tea (some organic brand). After I finished that little sample bottle I had myself a can of Vanilla Coca-Cola. As you can see - a meal for a King and a Queen. Too bad I do not have a Queen, which I am searching for. Please sumbit application if you are interested.

The other picture on this post is of me in probably almost the same spot I took last week of myself. I needed to get a picture of me and my racing number with the Mount Evans in the background. And yes readers that is my winter bike. By the way, I think I really like my recent pair of Oakleys. Don't you.

My Ipod - My running Ipod - I think, I need to generate a play list for a 5k. I did play a playlist, but that is used for biking. I think I need to have more beats per minute in my playlist.

Again, I apologize for not continuing the "Nautica Incident."

Once more readers, please forgive me if you did not see me doing my Sunday ritual. I had to run once more this Sunday morning I want to see my name for everyone to see.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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