Saturday, February 09, 2008

Almost Ran Over By A Vehicle

Greetings Readers

I know that I need to continue the "Nautica Incident", but I need to address something I read on a blog that I have been frequenting.

Some cyclist/bike rider almost got hit or in his/her words - "runs me over"

Interesting. I do not know this author nor do I even think about him/her. Yet, I have to say that the author should of have written "that he/she almost got himself/herself fucked up for not paying attention." or "I'm a fucking idiot for not paying attention to my surroundings."

Sorry readers I have no remorse for these and other riders/cyclist saying they almost got hit. Coming from me, who has gotten hit probably somewhere between 10 and 20 times by some sort of vehicle, it comes downs to the riders/cyclist fault. Period.

Here are just a few reasons why I think cyclist make some statements about almost getting hit/run over/killed.

1. The bike rider/cyclist knows they have the right of way, therefore they are right.
2. Not paying attention.
3. Not scanning his/her surroundings.
4. Thinking he/she is an "immortal" or a "biking god".

These are just some of the "reasons". Yes, I/you may have the right of way on the street, but there is no fucking way that I am going to stand my ground and play "chicken" with a three thousand plus pound vehicle. I weight about 140 and my bikes generally weight about 25 pounds. Do you know who is going to lose the battle of "I have the right of way?" Me. I am made out of flesh and bone. My bikes are either made of carbon and/or allumux alloy (however you spell it) material. And the vehicle is made out of steel, metal, fiberglass. Do the math.

Did you know that I did have a nickname years back during those vehicle "hits?" - Grease Spot Charley.

Anyway, there is really no other points I can make about who is right or wrong in the "I have the right of way" From personal experience - you learn to give the vehicles the right of way.

Not paying attention. Readers, I am almost always aware of what is ahead of me. In back of me, well that unfortunately could be downfall. I am looking at the road, I am looking at the next intersection, I am looking at people who are walking, running, standing, etc. that perhaps I will be entering their life for the seconds I ride by. I expect the unexpected. Moreso, since most of time I have my earphones on with the music playing.

Which leads me to scanning your surroundings. Be aware of alleys, side streets, walkways, tall shrubs, blind corners, hills, etc. This is where the most cause of riders saying they almost got hit by a car. Well, let me honest readers, this is where the riders were not paying attention or knowing that the vehicle does not have the right of way, therefore that vehicle must stop and let him/her go by.

Any rider could say "if I was a bit slower riding." Well, if you had been paying attention then there would not be this statement from you saying you almost got it. Sure it is a nice story to tell your friends, buddies, bloggers, but in fact you nearly got yourself fucked up for not thinking/watching.

Wait! Oh yes. I curse, yell, spit and pull the infamous middle finger when the vehicle does not heed since I have the right of way. So what. That gets the adrenaline pumping in my body, gets me mad at the world, but also I know that I been granted another day to be on the bike. Other times I smile and laugh at the vehicle. That even more infuriates the vehicle's driver to an even more pissed off state, which in turn, just makes my day much more happier.

In the final sentence in this blog the author then writes that the driver perhaps should not have been in the road at all due to the age and look of the driver. Discrimination at its highest readers. Who is author to say who belongs and does not belong on the road. Readers, the author is perhaps looking for "I feel for you" in this post, but this post would of never happened (been wrote) if only he/she just paid attention.

I know, I know. Perhaps it was at night. Perhaps trees were blocking the view of the driver. Or some unknown reason the vehicle pulled out of a driveway. Regardless, the author must adhere to what may come to pass if you are not paying attention.

In closing, yes there is a bit of "I am better than you" attitude in this post, but that is only from someone else saying they almost got hit and making the story all about the driver and placing all fault on this old man. Yet, I can admit I have stories such as the author where I do talk to my friends where I almost got hit by a vehicle. Then, I say or give reason(s) why it was most likely my fault. My friends love to hear stories about me and my bike adventures and I do milk them for all they are worth, but I will not be one-sided. I too must take some sort of responsibility - regardless.

Onto another topic - the weather - Woo Hoo! 47 degrees, so far! Little wind! Woo Hoo!

And I snapped this picture yesterday morning. I saw my biking shadow and thought to myself - I look damn good in silhouette.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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