Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Tides Have Turned

Greetings Readers

The past week has been a bit hectic.

I think, my CAC membership has finally paid for itself on Thursday.

I got off work a bit after 5 and was ready to go workout and sit in the dry sauna tonight. I also wanted to really workout and cardio like there was no tomorrow.

As I biked into the parking lot and headed to the entrance I noticed someone I think I recognized from the back right profile. I was not sure, but it looked like one of my old ex-co workers, well a manager I knew, from my previous job going into the CAC.

I rode a bit faster and came upon the guy, I think I knew so I could get a better look. I pull up on the left and said his name. He turned his head pretty quick to his left and then I knew it was him. He said hey or something to that. We made the usual chit chat how's work, still working at the same place? and then "he asks me so what are you doing here?"

I in a jokingly mood said "going to work out my guns" And of course I flexed my right bicep and smiled. He smiled also. I then said I guess I will see you later.

I had to lock up my bike before I could go in the club.

I followed about a minute or so behind him before I got into the locker room. I sort of looked in the locker room when I was getting to a locker, but I did not see him. Hmmm. Was he a fast changer? I do not know. Or perhaps he has to use the toilet.

So, I got out on the floor and did my cardio (pictured is the Cardio room and the TV pictured are gone and have flat screen tvs) and I was doing this for about 45 minutes. I still had not seen him, but then again I was riding the bike machine and facing only one direction.

I got done, then decided to take a stroll around to see where he is at. I looked here and there, but I still did not see him. Hmmm. I guess he worked out fast or perhaps he had a limited time to work out. Oh well, it is not like I knew, knew him. I was not looking to talk to him.

I decided to work on my abs on the incline bench in the weight room. I am going through my reps and as I was on 14 or so I noticed one of the employees making their rounds. I have not paid attention to them since I first started.

Why? Well, I never noticed in clubs that how this club is different from other clubs. When, I was first trying this place out I noticed how "those" people are there to clean up and to keep the place clean. Yes. If I pay over a thousand dollars on a health membership I want it all. I want the place to be clean and also respectable. Again, I can only assume, but the help are ethnic and of the Mexican variety. Yes, I could be wrong, but that is the way they appear to me and also when they talk when I give them the "respect" I have to in the club.

Getting back to the ab incline... I noticed the same profile I noticed when I first biked into the club. Wow! The person with the broom and keys, etc is the same person I knew at my old place of working. I could not fucking believe it. I quickly looked away and worked more on my abs. It was sort of uncomfortable seeing someone doing what I would never dream of. I think we did lock eyes, but perhaps not. I am thinking back on this and not really sure. I guess I was so caught off guard.

Yet, I bet the situation was very embarrassing for him. Me, a member. Him, an employee. And of course we me being some much below him, in the working world, I bet it pained him to see me enjoying, working out at him have to technically clean up after me.

I know there could be many, many reason why he is an employee. Needs a second job. Wife may be spending more money than he can make. Perhaps he gets a discount on his membership there. Likes to look at men. Likes to look at women. So many reasons.

In closing, if I should see him again now we know who sits where on the "ladder of respect" I have to say that on Friday I was walking around with my nose in the air, once more.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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