Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the Eve of Fall 2007

Greetings Readers

Once again we are at the time of the year. We are on the eve of fall and the season has come to Colorado in the past two weeks. Pretty soon I will have to put the towel at the front door so I do not track in the rain and snow onto the carpet when I bring my bikes in.

I am not sure what to write. I having something to share. Okay, The days have gotten shorter, which means I am almost to the favorite part of the days. I like the early morning and sunset rides. The sky is dark, but the only light is coming from the orange "glow" on the horizon. Sure it is a bit dark, but this is time of tranquility for me. As I have written before - This is my time.

In addition, after the sun peaks over the horizon or just about to set I like seeing my long shadow on the ground. For me to my shadow on the ground stretched longer than me is pretty cool. I actually get to see what I look like on a bike. More importantly I like looking at my bike(s) in the shadow.

I guess I do have something else to say. Can you say "Finally" Jeeze-fucking-Louise I am not sure how long the Columbine Memorial took, but sure has been many, many years. And I do not mean to disrespect anyone, but how many people showed up at the opening on Friday? I think someone estimated about a thousand another journalist said a couple hundred. Thinking about this I would think there would be more, but then again I think the whole thing was a crock. One delay after another and then "they" got their act in gear when the "Soldier statue" was put up faster than the Columbine Memorial. I will go see the Memorial, but only when I am in the area, which I have not been for quite a few years. I do not care the way the Memorial looks. I think it is nestled in some hills, or perhaps in the ground. "Rings" are the designs and I do not think that there are any crosses. Readers - I trying to find some "clear" picture of the Memorial, but alas I am having trouble. There are videos and video, but I fucking could care less. I posted a partial view of the Memorial on today's post,

Well, another short entry, but I guess I need to get going so I can take advantage of the nice weather in Colorado. Tomorrow the cold and rain in suppose to move in.

Update: The Columbine Memorial was 8 years in the works. That is a fucking a lot of time for an event that was the worst school shooting in history. In my personal opinion, the Memorial is not something that makes me want to go and see it right now. Matter of fact I can not see any clear pictures of the Memorial.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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