Sunday, September 16, 2007

And 6 days later...

Greetings Readers

Well, as the title states - 6 days later and Davenport can add another title to her career after having a baby. Let me tell you readers I did not doubt her playing. I knew her shot at winning a tennis tournament, especially this one, was pretty darn good. Way to go Lindsay. I do not have nothing else to contribute to this story. Pretty straight forward. And I know that you may know the person pictured since I have pictured her twice in a week, but I have to once more - holding the winner's trophy - Linsday Davenport.

New trailers for Nip / Tuck - Oct 30 have started running on FX this past week. Oh, I can not wait. What is in store for Christian and Sean? And how many of the cast are going to be in Nip / Tuck - LA? I do hope Liz comes with them. McNamara / Troy would not be the same without her, in my opinion.

How fucked up was It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Thursday's premiere. I was glad to see the cast once more and I was also very glad to see many of the secondary characters showing up already.

I went for a morning run this morning - 8.39 miles. I just wanted to see how out of shape on my running I am. Granted, I worked out at the CAC on Saturday. Matter of fact I think that this is going to be a regular thing that I am going to do on Saturday. I like the afternoons and basically the place is empty. When I left the club that evening I saw a pretty woman walking in and I actually raised my hand to her and waved and smiled. She smiled and waved back at me. I guess working out had raised my confidence in myself with the "opposite" sex. I will have to admit that working out regularly has raised myself to the opposite sex and I have been noticing them much, much more.

A bit of news that is not news worthy. However, if you live in Denver and ate out at Bennett's Barbeque Pit down in Lonetree well the place of business has closed up. There is a paper sign on the door that says the place closed down, thank you very much, etc and Sept 4 was the last day of business. The sign then directs you to the only other two places in Colorado. Kind of a sad story. Bennett's was located on Arapahoe Road and then whether or not they sold out or perhaps their rent was raised the place moved from Arapahoe to Park Meadows Drive in Lonetree. The building was a lot smaller and the place also had a different "feel". It was not the Bennett's of the 1980's. I have to say that Bennett's Fucked up when they moved the place from Arapahoe to Lonetree.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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